What is Frontline?

Frontline Map

Welcome to the Frontline.

You’ve spent your time battling waves of your enemies within Conquest. Taking the war to the different sectors in an effort to push them back. Within Frontline, you cannot run, you cannot hide.

At the games start each team will begin on either side of the map in front of their Allied Station, keeping this station defended is essential to ensuring you are not overwhelmed by your opposition and the match is brought to an end. Equally, you will want to pressure the Enemy Station to keep the hostile forces on their toes and restrict them from capturing objectives. If one team is able to completely capture an Enemy Station they will be victorious, however, this is not the only route to Victory.


Frontline is a timed mode, the teams are given 10 minutes to endure battle and secure objectives. Once the timer runs down, Sudden Death is initiated and you will no longer be able to heal yourself at your Allied Station, or respawn if you get into trouble. You have two choices: victory or death. Securing a Takedown during Sudden Death will also lock out your opponent from respawning, giving your team a significant advantage if you have chosen your targets wisely. It is advisable to take out any opposing ship that has the ability to heal or greatly buff their teammates as this will limit their survivability, likewise, keep your Supports defended and stick together, a Fleet that works together, wins together.




With battle locked to a single sector it is vital that you work as a team to take objectives and secure Takedowns. Hidden amongst the field of asteroids in the center of the map you will find three Mining Stations, taking control of these will aid you and your team, enabling you to  level up faster than your opponents and make certain that you have the upper hand in any engagements. Keeping control of these mines can easily be achieved by the strategic jump points located on the outskirts of the sector, but if you want to make a sly attack on the Enemy Station you can do so through the jump points located on the flanks of the base. Just watch out for the Hostile Sensor Beacon.

With all this in mind you are now ready to conquer the Frontline, always remember, Fractured Space is a team game and working with your allies will always provide positive results.

Top Tips

  • Stick Together – With Frontline being located in a single sector it’s easy to think you can Lone Wolf an isolated enemy. A larger group will come out on top most likely. If you are venturing alone, ensure you have a means to escape.
  • Take a Healer – Getting topped up with health during a crucial battle can make the difference and with Heals at stations being locked once Sudden Death is activated, it is always useful to have a secondary avenue of defense.
  • Assess your Surroundings – The benefit of the single sector is you can see most of the action around you. If a teammate is on the opposite side of the map being harassed down by the other team, instead of flying your ship there, use a jump point. You’ll get there quicker and have the element of surprise on your side.
  • Keep Control – Don’t get too distracted with getting Takedowns. Keeping control of the three central mines will ensure you have a level advantage over your opponents and can show your true prowess once Sudden Death begins and they are locked out of the game.