The Need For Speed

From 17:00 GMT today, 17 November, pilots will temporarily experience an increase in speed for every ship in the fleet.

Base thrust for all ships will be increased by 30% with all maneuverability improved by 10%. This will make for some fast and furious battles with potentially unexpected results.

This experimental trial is the first in a series of one-off trials with adjusted core mechanics. These trials are not being conducted with a view to introduce changes to game mechanics permanently, they are not balanced and could lead to radically different game experiences. We are running these trials as a break in the norm, a short term change of pace, literally, to the game you know already.

We are running these tests because we want to see what happens, and because they can be made to the game without significant disruption, and because we think they might be fun.

Today’s Speed Trial begins at 17:00 GMT, concluding at 10:00 GMT on Friday 18th November.