Super Space Bowl XLXX Final Results

Yesterday (13th Feb) saw the conclusion of the Super Space Bowl XLXX. It was a tremendous endeavor by both sides, slogging it out to score their touchdowns to achieve victory and secure their 3 crew pods.

If you missed the event, teams were split into two, USA versus the Rest of the World (RoW). Touchdowns were scored by capturing a forward station in Fractured Space in any game mode – solo, Co-op or PvP in either Frontline or Conquest. If you scored at least one touchdown and were part of the highest scoring team, you just gained yourself 3 free Crew Pods, however, if you were not so lucky but still scored a touchdown, you will still receive a Crew Pod for your participation during the event.

Since the Super Space Bowl is now complete we have the final scores:


Congratulations to the RoW for their continued hard work and dedication to the cause, never letting up and leading the charge through the whole event. USA began closing the gap over the weekend and did exceedingly well on Saturday night but it just wasn’t enough to surpass RoW.

Let’s take a look at the top 10 countries contributing to RoW’s success:

10th. Spain – 495 touchdowns

9th. Italy – 558 touchdowns

8th. Poland – 583 touchdowns

7th. Netherlands – 791 touchdowns

6th. Australia – 801 touchdowns

5th. Russia – 1084 touchdowns

4th. France – 1174 touchdowns

3rd. Canada – 1948 touchdowns

2nd. Great Britain – 3651 touchdowns

1st. Germany – 4651 touchdowns

An absolutely astounding effort by Germany, leading RoW to victory consistently throughout the week.

Those aren’t the only statistics we have, LeFronge has been busy crunching the numbers and rummaging through all manner of spreadsheets to bring you these highlights:

French Polynesia, Morocco, and Cyprus managed to score 2 touchdowns.

Malta joined the fight on the final day with 3 touchdowns

Jersey joined Georgia, Brunei, and Martinique with 1 touchdown throughout the entire competition.

The French island of Reunion, off the coast of Madagascar, clocked up 6 touchdowns

East Asia would be in fifth place for total touchdowns in the RoW list if they were counted as a single entity with 1257 touchdowns.

We had nine players who scored over 100 touchdowns each – 3 from USA, 2 hailing from Canada.

The Super Space Bowl would be nothing without its MVP’s, we ran the numbers and can reveal the top dogs:

RoW had a tussle over the weekend to see who would gain the top spot has the RoW MVP – the victor being Rayne from Russia who secured it with 142 touchdowns.

For the USA, Zoeth was MVP for the majority of the competition but was surpassed at the last hurdle by Radicand with a total of 172 touchdowns, making them USA’s MVP and the MVP of the entire world!

We will be awarding all the Crew Pods to players on Monday 20th February.

Congratulations to all who took part, keep an eye out for more future events soon.