Fractured Space Phase 3 Update Notes

The Phase 3 update for Fractured Space, subtitled “Action Stations” overhauls some of the core aspects of the game enhancing the amount of combat you will experience. The additional of small scale mining ships adds to the strategic variety in a single match, while decreased respawn times and the ability to immediately jump to the center of your home base revolutionizes your defensive capabilities.

Conquest 2.0

Conquest 2.0 is faster paced and more action-packed. The map is tighter – objectives and jump points are a little closer to get you into combat faster, respawn times have been reduced, it’s easier to attack but also easier to defend.

You can find full details about Conquest 2.0 in our overview here.

Mining Ships

Mines in both Frontline and Conquest modes will now have a fleet of mining ships providing the resources that level up teams during the game.

Mines themselves provide 2 resources per second which will be counted towards the next level up for the team, however they will also spawn mining ships that, upon completing their run to a nearby asteroid will add an additional 60 resources to the team. If you intercept and destroy an enemy mining ship, those 60 resources are transferred to your team instead of theirs regardless of who owns the mine. If a mining ship returns to the mine after it has been captured by the opposing team, no resources are delivered so it is worth “clearing up” every enemy miner after a mine capture.

The effect that this will have on levelling up is that there will be an initial delay in levels being earned during the game, but if left without interference, the rate at which resources is earned will be exactly the same as it is now. Mining Ships are highly likely to receive further changes in the future, not least of all in tracking how many have been destroyed and by whom, but based on initial gameplay testing they’re a new dimension to mine capturing that broadens effective capture strategies in the game.

HUD Improvements

The Fractured Space HUD and user interface is undergoing a major reworking, the first stage of which is the introduction of brand new HUD indicators to give you better intelligence on the battle as it affects your ship. Further updates to the user interface are coming, but this first step will provide some much needed guidance on how you are performing moment to moment.

Armor Indicator

One of the most requested HUD features from our community has been the ability to see your armor values at a glance, with this new feature you will be able to see which side of your ship has been most affected by enemy fire and when it is self-repairing at a moment’s notice.

Gamma Indicators

You will no longer need to rely on the in game chat to get a feel for when your team has jumped to Gamma. In the run up to Gamma station becoming available, indicators will now give you a clear picture of how many ships from each team are present in the sector – apart from any enemy ships that are currently cloaked. After Gamma has been captured the indicators will tell you how many ships still have the Gamma buff active.

Directional Hit Indicator

In the thick of battle it can be disorientating to know exactly where enemy fire is coming from. Now when you are taking incoming fire the screen will now highlight the edge (or more commonly edges) from which that fire is coming allowing you to react accordingly.

Base Commander

Say hello to Flynn, your new Base Commander. Enabled for newer players until they reach Level Rank 6, the Base Commander will provide more helpful information about the match at hand and guidance about what may have gone wrong in the event of a ship catastrophe.

All Ships Playable in Solo Modes

In order to allow players to get a better idea of the ship they’d like to acquire next, in addition to the Firing Range you will be available to use any ship, loadout and skin within solo play. There is no limit to the number of times you can use each ship or skin, but please be aware that Ultimate Skins do not give their credit bonus, and there is no reward for playing solo once you have passed rank 15. Similarly, crew members gain no experience from solo matches completed.

AI Captain Improvements

Anyone who plays in co-op mode on a regular basis will tell you that AI Captains, while they can be pretty brutal, aren’t exactly clever. In the first of many upgrades to the AI Captains they have received a brand new training package to enable them to be more ruthless with their use of abilities, positioning and team play. They won’t be a match for the very best players in the game yet, but they’re getting smarter. AI Captain levels (I-X) are being adjusted to reflect how smartly you should expect them to play.

Upgraded Daily Rewards

We’re upgrading the daily reward system to be just a little more exciting. There will now be 30 different rewards of increasing value that you can claim when you login. You do not need to log in daily to receive these rewards, the game will remember where you are up to and have the next reward waiting for you no matter how frequently you play. Completing the full 30 days will gain you the not-of-this-world Levi426 Ultimate Skin, which will grant you a 20% Credit Boost when used in matches.

Improved Medals

Missions and Medals are getting plenty of attention over the next few updates, the first of which will give an additional reward to players who complete Medal objectives. Taking the form of drop pods and credits initially, these rewards should add a little more value to those who complete Medals. Expect much more to come from this area of the game in the next couple of updates.

All players will start with a zero count towards these new medals.

Level Up Your Crew

Crew members will now gain experience as you do. If you have a non-legendary crew member you can train them to become legendary by using them in battle. Each crew member will level up 3 times, each time swapping out one of their existing implant slots for a chroma slot capable of taking any kind of implant. When you’ve levelled a crew member 3 times they will become fully legendary.

If you gain a duplicate of a crew member you have in training it will convert to DNA as usual. If you gain a Legendary variant your crew member will immediately become Legendary, and you will gain a DNA bonus when you complete their training.

Purchase Implants Directly

Three Implants will be purchasable with DNA each week at a cost of 1,200 DNA each. Duplicate Implants gained through Drop Pods will now burn for the 600 DNA instead of the current 150.

Which Implants will be available each week will be decided based on a combination of the most used and most desirable and the community will heavily influence which three implants become available each week.

No More Drafting Disconnects

In Phase 3, we are introducing a new system to deal with players disconnecting (intentionally, or due to a technical problem) during the drafting phase of the game. Previously, a disconnection at this point will collapse the game for all players, adding them back into the matchmaking queue. With this new implementation, a disconnection will not stop the game. Instead, an AI Captain will take the place of the dropped player. If the player selected a ship before disconnecting the AI Captain will use the selected ship, if no ship was selected the AI Captain will take a Pioneer since it is arguably one of the best all-round ships in the game.

The disconnected player will be unable to join any other games until the one they abandoned is complete.

New Features

  • Mining Stations rebuilt with more polish, different materials and better optimisation.
  • Missiles can now only be fired if your target is within range.
  • Mining Stations now show an annotated text above them that changes color based on owner. They display in the tutorial level, or any other game mode up to player level 6.
  • If a Crew Member levels up, the player is taken to the Barracks.
  • Promotions and events have a custom popup displayed on login.
  • Gamma UI improvements, showing how many ships in each team are in the Gamma sector when it is active, and how many ships have the Gamma Buff.
  • Added Gamma indicators to targeting reticule, minimap, map and ship listing.
  • Added Music during Sudden Death in Frontline.
  • New Galaxy map displays the daily reward progression.
  • Adding in a feature to allow players to purchase daily implants from the barracks page.
  • Gamma capture sphere will now change colour depending on the team that just captured it. Once all players with gamma have been killed it will revert back to its dormant colour.
  • Support for Razer Chroma keyboards and mice. Supported hardware now gives Chroma feedback for context sensitive events such as: main controls, ability cooldown, incoming missile alert, damage, repairs, whether squads can be recalled, health, energy, buffs and upgrades.

Updated Features

  • Remade Equalizer with improved optimization
  • Remade Reaper with improved optimization
  • Remade Executioner with improved optimization
  • Remade Basilisk with improved optimization
  • Legendary crew members now include subtle animations
  • Adding an option to the Unlock View to allow the user to purchase a bundle that a ship is a part of when clicking the purchase button from the hangar.
  • Changed label of in-game music option from Enable Gamma Music to Enable In-Game Music, because it now controls Sudden Death as well.
  • Adjusted Hangar filter options
  • Removed squad widget because of new armor widget. Added squad information onto skill widgets.
  • Removed destructible Sensors, replaced with meshes and detect AOEs that cannot be removed.
  • Frontline Sudden Death countdown timer reduced from 10 minutes to 8 minutes.
  • Frontline respawn times reduced (roughly halved)
  • Changed chat window styling and position to fit around new armor widget
  • Adjusted control volume of videos played from YouTube according to Master volume setting.
  • Adding in Dynamic Bundles to the store and reverting timed sales when they expire.
  • Amended game exit text.
  • Protector, Raven, Paladin Smart Guns set to be Replicated instead of Simulated, meaning more accurate representation of tracking on client side.
  • Players now receive 200 resources for destroying a base turret generator.


  • Leviathan Ultimate sound changes, mainly the new Jump Beacon (both variants).

Balance Changes

  • Blink destinations will now update during their warmup period, this mainly affects the Hunter and Persecutor blink abilities.
  • With the massive reduction in Jump Home made previously (from 120s to 60s) the games now are too easy to defend – as a result rather than increase the cooldown on Jump Home and find a middle ground – we have opted to keep the ease of use the 60s cooldown gives us but remove the reduction available from upgrades. This changes upgrades so that they do not affect Jump Home which remains at a static 60s cooldown. This remains a buff at all levels for all ships when based on previous live values (120s base) but keeps return rates static to reduce the length of the games as a result.
  • Crew and Implants – Major changes to defensive values on crew and implants – specifically: Damage Reduction on Captains and implants are both halved, Armor Strength on Engineers and implants reduced by 60%, Armor Repair on Repair/Fire Officers and implants reduced by half, Hull Strength implants reduced by 20%, Repair Efficiency implants reduced by 20%.


-Aegis Transference Projector Cooldown increased from 30s to 35s.
-Aegis Transference Projector damage mitigation decreased from 75% to 70%.
-Aegis Transference Shield Cooldown increased from 35s to 40s.
-The Aegis will now suffer a cooldown if its blink buoy is destroyed before it can complete its blink.


-Decreased Pulsar Charge Delay Time from 7s to 6s.

Black Widow

-Missile systems will now reward debuff assists if the enemy is taken down while status effect is active.


-Increased the projectile damage of the Disruptor’s Blaster from 56 to 66.
-Increased the projectile damage of the Disruptor’s Faster Blaster from 50 to 55. Cooldown decreased from 2.01s to 2s
-Increased the projectile damage of the Disruptor’s Ripple Blaster from 49 to 55. Cooldown Increased from 0.333 to 0.3333s
-Armor Repair rate reduced from 10x to 7x.


-Equalizer’s Health Leech Cannon and variants tracking improved. Turn rate was 15 degrees, now 18.
-Increased the Turret Traverse Speed of the Equalizer’s Primary weapon systems
-Purge Field and variants will now provide assists when purging of allies.


-Enforcer Boost cooldown decreased from 100s to 80s
-Enforcer Short Boost cooldown decreased from 85s to 65s
-Enforcer Ranged Boost cooldown decreased from 120s to 100s
-Increased the Turn Rate of the Enforcer.
-Increased the accuracy of the Enforcer’s Escalate


-Increased Infiltrator’s Slug Thrower damage per projectile from 26 to 28.
-Increased Infiltrator’s Burst Slug Thrower damage per projectile from 26 to 28
-Increased Infiltrator’s Mass Slug Thrower damage per projectile from 108 to 112


-Decreased Gauss Driver charge time from 5s to 4s
-Decreased Ion Gauss Driver charge time from 3.5s to 3s


-Overseer’s Flux Beam’s Continuous beam duration decreased from 5s to 4s with Reapply Warheads Interval decreased from 0.3s to 0.25s, making for a more intense attack.


-Increased the projectile damage of the Paragon’s Mini-Cannon from 14 to 16.
-Increased the projectile damage of the Paragon’s Mini-Cannon on Small ships from 2 to 3.
-Waypoints will now have a delay of 5 seconds before its area of effect becomes active.
-Decreased the Charge Bombers Bomb delay, was 4s now 3s.
-Removed Falloff from Paragon’s primary weapon system.


-Increased the projectile damage of the Protector’s Smart Gun from 35 to 40.
-Increased the projectile damage of the Protector’s Light Smart Gun from 25 to 30. Cooldown -Increased from 2.15s to 2.25s.
-Increased the projectile damage of the Protector’s Heavy Smart Gun from 45 to 50. Cooldown Increased from 3.85s to 3.75s.
-Decreased the Energy Cost Per Second of the Protector’s Defensive Field from 170 to 160.


-Raider Scalpel Beam and variants falloff curve adjusted now 100% optimal to 4,000m, than a linear drop to 40% at 7,500 followed by another linear drop to 15% at 10,000m


-Proximity Mines will no longer damage enemies if they are destroyed.
-Proximity Mines will now detonate at 1,500m instead of 1,000m, with a radius of 1,750 instead of 1,250.
-Proximity Mines homing speed increased from 450 to 500.
-Proximity Mines health increased from 50 to 70.


-Armor Repair rate reduced from 4x to 3x.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Interceptor’s turrets not firing in the correct location when aiming upwards sometimes (the bottom turrets would get stuck).
  • Fixed a bug where buying a skin outside of a bundle will mark the bundle as owned.
  • Fixed a bug where buying a skin outside of a bundle will not change the price correctly.
  • Removed shadowcasting from all non-playable/AI small ship squadrons and mining vessels.
  • Fixed the number of damage ticks on certain continuous beams (such as the Leviathan’s Fusion Beam) being inconsistent (sometimes it would get an extra damage tick). Added continuous beam modifiers (beam duration and warhead interval modifiers).
  • added a fix for random server crashes at the end of a match, this could happen if a subsystem was being fired as the match ended.
  • Fixed Developer tags sometimes not showing in game.
  • Fixed issue with Enforcer Boost systems being removed from Colossus’s Slow Drones.
  • Fixed Paragon Red October skin available in bundle but not in store.
  • Previewing a skin now works when clicking on any part of the store item, even the purchase label, also hidden the Purchase Ship before Skin tooltip when the skin is already owned.
  • Affinities fade in when unlocking crew via a drop/crew pod. Affinities on the Completionist tab are now displayed in colour.
  • Fixed implant burn animations by masking the underlying replacement.
  • Removed unnecessary spacing below purchase platinum/credits buttons on Pod/Implant pop-ups when there are insufficient credits available.
  • Fixed bug where the crew line up would ordered incorrectly for low level players. The Crew Captain will now always be displayed first in this situation.
  • Fixed an issue where legendary duplicates would crash the Pack Open view.
  • Non game owners are hidden when filtering friends list.
  • Implants can be dragged between slots on the same crew member.
  • Replaced old credits booster CODA VO with new version.
  • Fixed issue where missiles VFX would disappear on clients before hitting their target if the user had missile range implants equipped.
  • Equalizer boost gate (and all variants) will no longer persist between game stages.
  • Fixed users sometimes being presented with non-default keys on the HUD for point defence (4) and Jump (left shift) due to the alternate bindings that exist for these abilities. The alternate bindings still remain, however the HUD will always prefer to display the default bindings assuming they haven’t been completely re-bound to something else.
  • Missing FX for the Colossus boost loadouts fixed
  • Displacer Agility Displace Marker health decreased from 84 to 72.
  • Fixed issue with Displacer Displace Marker not being taken down by point defence.
  • Ultimate Interceptor Missile health values returned to correct values.

Known Issues

Razer Chroma

The Tutorial and Firing Range levels are currently not supported. The main controls are currently hard-coded (meaning they won’t show up correctly on re-bound keys)

Mining Freighter Resource Reward

On destruction the +60R notification element that flies off Mining Freighters is displayed to both teams, this should only be displayed to the team that gained the resources.

Gamma UI

The player pips in the Gamma UI when Gamma is Online and ready for capture currently show which players are in the Gamma Sector, this should only show which players are inside the Capture Zone, contributing to the capture.

Game crash on rejoin

We are aware of a game crash that may occur if a player attempts to rejoin a game after having left. This will be fixed as quickly as possible but should not be encountered often.

Incorrect display of loadout text

When purchasing loadouts the description of the loadout and purchase button currently collides and may overlap with the edges of the box. This is fixed in an upcoming patch.

Ice Asteroid Collision

It is possible for your ship to become wedge in between the fuel tanks on one of the new ice asteroids. If you become stuck in this fashion you will be unable to move, but will be able to jump.

Front end crash

We are aware of a rare crash that some users may experience when in the front end of Fractured Space (ie not in-game). This is fixed in an upcoming patch.

Flashing Armor Indicators

Upgrading while in jump space (ie immediately after respawn) will cause the top and bottom armor indicators to flash constantly until the ship receives damage.

Game icon displays incorrectly

While the game is running it currently displays a default application icon rather than the correct Fractured Space icon.