Phase 2 Update Notes

The Phase 2 update for Fractured Space is focused on introducing new players to the game in a faster, more exciting, more accessible and more rewarding fashion while making big changes to some of the core features aimed at more veteran players.

New Features

TDS Aegis

Difficulty: Medium
Length: 1,664m
Crew: 6,981
Base Hull Strength: 12,000
Initial Max Speed: 430

The Aegis is a heavy defense craft that combines cutting-edge blink buoy technology, shielding, and a devastating weapon system in a relatively fast moving hull. Its buoy solution allows the Aegis to rapidly redeploy and intercept enemy advances on objectives while its Transference Shield and Projector ability shields itself or allies, absorbing a portion of the attack into its energy system. Once full, the Aegis is a significant threat to all enemies in that sector, dealing tremendous damage which can destroy formations in seconds with its Particle Accelerator. However, all of this comes with a severe weakness: The Aegis has huge power demands, low hull strength for its ship class, and only an infrequent, short-duration barrier to protect itself and allies.

The Aegis’s main weapon showcases the potency of Smart Gun technology when fitted to heavy class vessels. The Absorb Smart Cannon not only features a respectable yield and basic tracking technology but also the ability to pull energy from its targets to feed its energy reserve. The inclusion of an aim assist frees captains to focus on utility systems and support their allies.

A utility system that encapsulates the ally in a shield, mitigating 75% of damage while absorbing a significant portion of the attack into the energy system of the Aegis. Carefully managed, the Aegis will be able to defend allies against high-alpha strikes and provide deterrence for multiple ships in brief and rapid succession.

The Transference Projector absorbs at a higher rate than the Transference Shield and prevents its use while active.

The Transference Shield creates a reactive defense that can reduce damage by 30% while absorbing 85% of the initial impact into its energy reserves. It is best used when the pilot predicts a sudden burst of incoming damage to maximize energy gain.

While active, the Transference Shield prevents the use of the Transference Projector.

The Particle Accelerator is a devastating hull-mounted weapon and can only fire directly forwards. The weapon consumes significant energy reserves and features a prolonged charge time to activate, during which you can line up the barrel of the accelerator to the target. Once charged, the Aegis automatically fires a moving Area-of-Effect that bypasses all objects and barriers dealing damage to any enemy that comes in contact.

The ability is best used as an area denial tool or when enemies are in tight formation or otherwise occupied. Combined with abilities that prevent movement, such as the Basilisk’s Graviton Anchor, can be instrumental to decisive achievement of objectives.

When deployed, the Blink Shift Buoy travels in the indicated direction for 2s, or until it contacts an object. Once positioned it automatically blinks the Aegis to its location, where the buoy is subsequently destroyed. As the Aegis’s Blink warm-up takes time, it is important for pilots to ensure the Buoy is placed in suitable locations so it is not intercepted by enemy craft before the blink procedure is complete.

Destruction of the Buoy before the Aegis can jump cancels the blink procedure.

Enhanced Combat Agility

Fractured Space is a game involving combat between giant capital ships. As such these ships will never be the fastest or most nimble spacecraft players will encounter, however we have made some minor changes to the ways that ships move that, while keeping the feel of capital ships at war, should make manoeuvring far more responsive. Strafe, yaw and vertical movement rates have been improved by 10% on every ship making them noticeably more responsive, and captains will also find that their ability to manoeuvre when leaving a jump has improved significantly. You no longer need to painfully re-orient your ship when leaving warp, as your thrusters will have enhanced performance for the first few seconds in a new sector.

Crew Implants

The Crew system is often the area of the game that captains work on once they have a few ships they are thoroughly comfortable with, and with the addition of Implants we’ve enhanced this long term area of the game to reward theory-crafting and game experience more fully.

All crew members now have three Implant slots which can carry a variety of Attack, Defense or Utility Implants. These Implants can be purchased from Crew Implant Pods or earned through Mission Drop Pods, and over time you’ll have the ability to tailor your crew in exactly the way you want them. If you’ve discovered any legendary crew templates, now is their time to shine as they offer additional flexibility in the selection of Implants.

New Implants will be added to the game regularly allowing you to evolve your strategies as your collection grows.

Drafting Interface

Full drafting is one of our most requested features and while casual play is still working with Blind Pick, we have introduced the full drafting interface ahead of ranked play being introduced early in 2017. You’ll now be able to select the ship skin, crew and FX mod you want to use within drafting, and if you’re missing a Loadout option you can buy it here without having to return to the Hangar.

Brand New Tutorial

The original tutorial, the Proving Grounds taught players a great deal of useful information about playing Conquest over a 20 minute session. While the Proving Grounds has been invaluable for teaching people how to play it’s not the most exciting way to start your career in Fractured Space. As such we’ve changed the focus in the early part of the game to give players a taste of combat as quickly as possible, making Frontline the first mode they’ll encounter. This new tutorial teaches the fundamentals of the game and introduces would-be ship captains to the action far faster. The Proving Grounds will still be available when a player is ready to move onto Conquest, but getting into the action quickly is a great introduction to the game.

Career Progression

In partnership with the Frontline tutorial we’ve created a brand new Career Progression system for new players. This Career introduction adds elements to the game in stages to allow players to become familiar with concepts such as crew and loadouts gradually rather than all at once. This should enable newer players to enjoy the core of the game before starting to think about longer term and more advanced play.

Frontline Variants

We have introduced three new versions of Frontline which have added some more variety to the mode. Ruins of Halcyon, Obulon Cascade and Glacial Array sectors familiar to Conquest players will now be in regular rotation

Global Chat

Global chat allows players to talk to each other no matter where in the world they are while in the pre-game lobby. If you want to put a team together this is the perfect place to do so. This feature is highly experimental and may be taken offline if issues occur. We are also aware of an occasional issue with this feature that may result in the game crashing when the chat button is pressed. This will be fixed in the first hotfix for this update.

Feature Changes

  • Updated Homebase destruction materials (Victory sequence)
  • Added Crew Implants to Crew Modifiers List in the Hangar.
  • Adding Crew implants to the Barracks Page.
  • Second Forward Station art pass.
  • Added Barracks Help Page to Barracks page
  • Added Ship Guide Videos to the Hangar
  • Rebuilt the USR Destroyer model – drastically improved look, lowered polygon count by 33%. Includes a new high-quality LOD mesh.
  • Added detail structures to homebases in Conquest and the Tutorial
  • Changed the wording of all Crew Pods in the store.
  • Allow sorting by Legendary crew in Barracks.
  • Added Crew Implants help button and amount of implants unlocked.
  • Adding Credits and Implant Pod animations to Level Rewards.
  • Daily Missions now show on Co-op vs AI games.
  • Frontline – Added small mining structures around mining stations
  • Clicking on Service Record now defaults to Career Progression.
  • Results screen updates for Progression and the Tutorial.
  • Level up video now contains what you unlock at that level if you unlock anything at all.
  • Added a button to the results screen that redirects the user to the Career Progression page
  • Crew locked until level 6
  • Medals and Leaderboards locked until level 5
  • Loadouts locked until level 5
  • Adding Implants to the store and reworking the crew implants to open without the wheel.

Updated Features

  • Player ships will now take priority over fighters/drones for targeting purposes when both are close to the crosshair. You will now need to press T twice in this situation to target the fighters/drones that are nearby the ship in question.
  • Phantom Ghost special jump animation added.
  • Updated rocket trails for the Ghost – thicker and darker so they are easier to see in bright areas, and added a light to the projectile.
  • The Centurion Anti-Materiel cannon impact particle now shows the small AOE area that the weapon has an effect inside.
  • New jump point names unique for each team in Frontline.
  • Added Game Played XP to Conquest and Frontline
  • Opened jump routes to flank jump points from warp in Frontline
  • Changed Credits and XP rewards for Conquest and Frontline to new values. Reset co-op values to match PvP values, assigned curve to reduce co-op earnings with player level.
  • Centurion boost FX intensity reduced
  • Energy Overload sounds; Replaced Mark Target status effect sound
  • Updated Shield Wall sounds
  • UpdatedPulse Missile sounds.
  • Various sound updates for loadout changes.
  • Centurion engines and audio vernier setup
  • Ghost rockets now pick a time dilation between 1 and 3 when spawning, varying their spinning.
  • Lighting/fog tweaks (raised sun position to get asteroids lit nicely, adjusted fog to look better with new sun position)
  • Adjusted asteroids around corner jump points.
  • Block taunts to players below Rank 6.

Balance Changes


  • Conquest respawn times adjusted – now using same times and curve as Frontline.
  • Mine cap times reduced (Frontline and Conquest) from 30s to 25s
  • Frontline jump system adjusted – The 3 Jump Points on the left and right flanks are reduced to 2, offering a choice of points and angles of approach to the mines.
  • All ships in the game are now granted a boost to their turn rates upon completing a successful jump.
  • Gamma 1 moved to 4 minutes. 7 minute downtime between later Gammas unchanged.
  • Gamma cap times reduced to suit player levels at new timings.

Black Widow

  • Black Widow Weapon Drain Interrupt has increased drain amount from 500 to 750, energy leech fraction decreased to 1.334 from 1.5 giving a return of 1000, up from 750.
  • Black Widow Quad Rockets loadout is now locked.


  • Disruptor Ripple Blaster cooldown increased from 2s to 2.01
  • Disruptor Faster Blaster cooldown increased from 0.333 to 0.357


  • Infiltrator base speed increased from 550 to 580.
  • Infiltrator Cloak max speed drain modifier decreased from 0.75 to 0.68, making it 9% approx more efficient.
  • Infiltrator upgrade paths now improved to be on par with other cloaking ships in the game.


  • Protector SmartGun cooldown decreased from 3.5 to 3s.
  • Protector Pulsed SmartGun cooldown decreased from 2.5 to 2.15s.
  • Protector Heavy SmartGun cooldown decreased from 4.5 to 3.85s.
  • Protector Defensive Shield and Shield Bubble Self-Shield damage mitigation increased from 40% to 50%
  • Decreased Protector Shield Energy Cost per second from 200 to 180.
  • Adjusting the Protector Jump Warm-Ups to fall in line with other ships – Jump changes from 5 to 7 second warm up, Jump Home changes from 7 to 10 seconds warm up. This matches every other ship.


  • Issue with the Raider’s shield collision fixed. Collision now closely matches the back-face of the shield preventing projectiles from exploding shortly after being fired (mostly an issue with the Ghost)


  • Increased the Ranger’s Longbow Sabot base armour damage from 7 to 9, bringing the total dedicated armour damage from 122 to 157. When combined with hull damage, the sabot deals  420 damage to armour.
  • Fixed the Ranger’s shutdown and repair ability increasing in duration when using Utility Duration crew buffs.


  • Superlifter now uses the same upgrade tree path as the Protector and the Paladin.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed resources still being gained from stations during Sudden Death in Frontline
  • Fixed charge sound effects constantly stopping and starting while in the warp-in area after respawning.
  • Cap Mod Buoys from different types of ships will no longer stack with each other.
  • Fixed ships with the Gamma III buff being able to jump to enemy jump buoys placed by a Leviathan.
  • Added a fix for lack of armor repair at forward stations when core health is full (e.g. when hit by an armor-breaking weapon).
  • Paragon Heal Suppression Drones are called Heal Suppress Drones instead of Suppress Drones on their HUD element.
  • Fixed the Destroyer skin Ares Jamming Loadouts.
  • Basilisk Point Defence turrets now have correct angles of fire.
  • Corrected Hunter Detect radius description.
  • When a teammate dies, status effects they were experiencing upon death no longer persist as text beside their status widget.
  • The Ranger’s alternative shutdown and repair loadout charge/duration VFX now lasts the correct time (was 10s now 14s)
  • Removed optimal ranges from the Black Widow primary descriptions.
  • Colossus Engine Shutdown status effect called Engine Shutdown. Ability Disable status now called Abilities Disabled instead of Disable.
  • Fixed lifetimes of projectiles not being replicated to clients accurately enough (resulted in Watchman’s Railgun VFX disappearing too quickly).
  • Colossus’ Ability Disable status effect is rendered Red instead of white, making it consistent with debuffs.
  • Updated the Brawler’s legendary systems to have the Harpoon Pull.
  • Added a fix for music not starting in the Frontend.
  • Centurion Boost now has correct icon as well as Energy Overload. These abilities have now been updated so Boost sits on the number 1 slot and Energy Overload at number 2.
  • Centurion Anti-Materiel Cannon now deals damage to the Shield Barriers.
  • Fixed an issue where if player disconnected after Gamma activates, but then reconnects before Gamma has been capped then the buff variables weren’t displaying correctly.
  • Centurion now selectable in Firing Range, and has how-to-play text
  • Allow users to purchase DNA if they have an insufficient amount when clicking a locked crew member.
  • Once the player has played through Solo vs AI once they are now able to click Solo and choose whether to play Solo vs AI or the Tutorial again.
  • When opening an inventory item and an error occurs, it will now take you back to the inventory screen.
  • Fixed issue with Colossus Plasma Drones not applying damage. Damage of 25 will now be applied every 0.5s over 5 seconds instead of 45 every 1s. Health of drones decreased from 50 to 35, bringing it in-line with rest of the launch bay solutions.
  • Gladiator Heavy Gladius Cannon renamed to Gladiator Alpha Cannon.
  • Mission Rewards now only show in the lobby screen if the player is in Conquest/Frontline, Co-op vs AI and is Level 4 or above.
  • Fixed an issue where gold drop pods quantity wouldn’t update after returning to the inventory screen.
  • Platinum Tick prevented when loading into a game now.
  • Changed the way we detect missing audio device to prevent tutorial progress from being blocked when no device is present.
  • Fixed jump sound sequence not finishing correctly due to actor lifecycle changes.
  • Equalizer Negative CapMod Buoy no longer applies the Boost Capture buff to ally ships within its sphere.
  • Fixed issue with Raider Akula focus shield loadout.
  • Corrected Raider Akula’s in-game name and cooldowns.
  • Removed Motion Blur temporarily due to it causing GPU crashes