Lunar New Year: Year of the Dog – 15th Feb – 19th Feb


Greetings Captains,

Starting Thursday 15th Feb 1800 UTC, work together as a team to Takedown 120,000 enemy ships and earn yourselves the limited Five Star Red skins for the TDS Leviathan and the TDS Protector. As a community, if you gather 60,000 Takedowns before Monday 19th Feb 1800 UTC you will earn yourselves the TDS Protector Five Star Red Limited Skin. Working together to get the full 120,000 Takedowns will get you the TDS Leviathan Five Star Red Limited Skin.

On top of that, if you take part in the event you will earn yourself the exclusive Year of the Dog Badge, to show you were there and your dedication to Boo. This Badge will be granted to eligible players at a later date after the event has finished.

If you want to complete your Five Star Red collection, during the event we will also be selling all the Five Star Red Skins in the Platinum Store. Keep an eye on Steam and our in-game Store for more deals over the weekend.