CODA A.I.

    A.I. are capable of running every ship system autonomously, their capability easily outmatches any organic but that would require patching them into every system. Since most Officers are contracted for short term periods and AI are no different, they are generally assigned to specific core systems – usually those outside the control of the Bridge Crew. CODA, however, will integrate into the ship itself and will control and provide information about any aspect of the ship, combat of environment. CODA acts as a failsafe, able to inform the Bridge Crew about anything.

    CODA is a 4th generation general-use AI. Usually, AI personalities do not exhibit the same traits as people, however CODA has worked hard to emulate a human persona.

    Most later generation General Use AI are unique iterations of an existing AI structure. CODA however is a very successful product line and as a result is one of many. There are millions of CODAs in use – including a high percentage of Independent battleships. Strict product and contractual guidelines forbid CODAs from exchanging information or communicating with their ‘sisters’ in any way.

  • Arkany Kena

    Arkany Kena CAG

    Arkany grew up on an impoverished planet with higher gravity than the common standard, giving her a squatter body shape than most of her colleagues. On her home world she dreamt of space and weightlessness, of flying and of starships.

    To escape her home, she tried to get into engineering but a combination of a lack of aptitude and an abundance of attitude prevented her from qualifying. Instead, she ended up running tugs and space lifters from an orbital space station. From there she moved into working on Launch Bays for mercenary ships and eventually became CAG.

    Despite her height, her colleagues are terrified of her and she runs her deck with the same attitude that used to cause her problems.

    Johner One

    CPl Johner One CAG

    Johner is an ex-marine, used to leading boarding parties into stations and fighting through corridors to gain control of the objective. It took a lot of wounds to push him into an administration role and, reluctantly, he now runs Launch Bay ops. 

    He treats his job like that of a Sergeant Major, and is far more effective prepping capture ops and marine drops than generally running the day to day administration of repair, refuel and planning. He body is largely augmented – his limbs, part of his torso and his lower jaw.


    Ernest Grimur CAG

    Grimur looks and acts like a man out of time. Born on a world with less than 10% land mass, he was brought up within a culture centred around life at sea – that and his colonies Nordic heritage made him who he is.
    He spent his first 40 years working in and around the huge resources dredgers that spend months at sea travelling to shallows that could be dredged for resources hidden beneath the sea. He learned to run ships, lead others – taking charge of the small scout boats and planes that would be sent out from the giant dredgers to find resources.
    When his wife died however, Grimur felt a need to move on – to go elsewhere and he left his world and got work with merchant ships on supply runs managing their shuttle and transference craft.
    Another 20 years of hard craft, Grimur fell into the role of CAG – running fighters instead of supply ships or scout boats.
    He is a man of very few words.

    Matilda Isaacs

    Matilda Isaacs CAG

    Matilda was born to a purist colony. Purists are those who believe change through Evolution is the only true future for mankind.

    They are against modern enhancements (glanding, genetics or augmentations), because they believe they break evolution and will lead humanity to stagnate. Generally this leaves purists at a disadvantage in competitive fields such as the life of an officer on board a capital ship.

    Matilda has had to work hard to compete against others with enhancements, which has made her hard to please and easy to anger. Much of her attitude is reflected in her look – buttoned up, crisp uniform. She is deadly serious and all about the rules – part admin and part solider. She gets little respect from the Marines, who by the nature of their work, revel in augmentations. However, few can compete with her when it comes to keeping a Launch Bay running efficiently.

    Sara Krace

    Sara Krace CAG

    Sara used to be a great fighter pilot – moved into “management” after her flight status was revoked (an injury in Zero G after her fighter was destroyed). Sara earned enough money as a CAG to obtain serious body mods, and got her flight status back. By this point, though, she was locked in as CAG and no-one wanted her to leave. She had become popular and irreplaceable.

    These days, she has found a nice balance between active CAG work and the occasional sortie behind the controls. She justifies these selfish and ultimately dangerous flights as being vital to her ability to function as a good CAG. It doesn’t hurt that it makes her very popular with her pilots.

  • caesar

    Caesar Morgan Captain


    Caesar is a flamboyant leader, full of confidence, his crew are his family. He has led them all through multiple career changes. Loyalty is everything although they have none for anyone else. He has a big heart for his family and a keen sense of self-interest when it comes to the rest of the universe. Caesar will rob you blind at the drop of a (his) hat unless you manage to make it into his inner circle then – he and his family will die to protect you.
    Caesar has carefully crafted his image: courageous, charming, lethal, unpredictable, possibly mad. For the most part he is the persona he presents (albeit the one you see is dialled up several notches). He avoids appearing circumspect around people he doesn’t know but while he may appear carefree/insane/confident – he is careful. He hasn’t kept his people alive this long by taking ridiculous risks, just by appearing to take ridiculous risks that (hopefully) form part of an intricate plan.


    Clara Reisette Captain

    Once, Clara was human, but that was a long time ago. Now her mind is stored in a ‘Box’ – a virtual environment that has replaced her head, complete with a projection of her former face. Her body is still mostly artificial organic, so she appears humanoid. However, where it can be seen, the skin color is off, with a strange sheen – it simply looks wrong.

    Clara was always demanding and precise. Since her brain died and her virtual mind came to life, she is torn between vague feelings of loss, unsure of what it is she is missing, and the realization of what she is now – including the immortality that comes with it. As a result, the skills that made her Captain have been pushed to the limit. She has no fear of death – either her own or her crew’s – since she has been through it already.


    Evan Sterling Captain

    A long-serving military captain, Sterling has all the experience of war he will ever need. No-one knows more about war than he does but in truth, although he is tired of it, he has nothing else to do. His command style is that of tired authority.

    He might not care if he lives or dies, but he’ll never go without a fight, just out of pure bloody mindedness.

    With his crew, he gives orders in a manner that sounds relaxed but gives no doubt that the order must be followed. He does not repeat himself, he does not berate – he does not need to.


    Jonesy Captain

    Jonesy is a hybrid creation, an artificially enhanced cat with virtual memory and AI implants. Physically, he is a cat. Intellectually, he is smart, capable commander. He perversely takes pride in his diminutive stature, the fact he is different from everyone else.

    He has refused to have his voice altered to speak any of the common languages – preferring to use a hybridized system of purrs and meows that are translated for his crew.

    Wherever he goes a rumor is quickly spread (possibly by Jonesy himself) that he is protected by several micro-drones – small floating machines that can kill instantly. As a result, Jonesy moves amongst the humans with confidence.

    Marie-Anne Moreau

    Marie-Anne Morau Captain

    Marie-Anne Moreau is a hard woman.  No-one likes her, and she doesn’t care.  Moreau is all about the job – she runs her ship her way, and anyone that gets in the way goes out of the airlock.  She has little in the way of a sense of humor, and what little she has tends toward cruelty. She rarely praises her crew, making these rare moments all the more meaningful.

    She demands absolute loyalty from her crew, and in return protects them from anything and everything that might prevent them from performing their job to her satisfaction.

    At first she comes across as all too serious and, despite her age and slight frame, she inspires fear with her icy presence. She barks orders in a quiet, clipped manner – her voice managing to be heard whatever the circumstances.

    She is a hard task master but her crew always learns to trust her, and being part of her team becomes its own reward. Anyone that spends time with her starts to believe she is the best.


    Matsokah Captain

    With old Earth cultures vanishing as mankind spreads through the stars, Matsokah stands out as an impossible relic from another time. He claims to be descended from the Sioux tribe, surviving hundreds of years in Cryo-sleep aboard a seed ship sent out into the galaxy in the early years of mankind’s exploration. However, no-one has been able to corroborate his story.

    He has been working on contract on Capital Ships for the last 40 years and has been Captain for the last six. He communicates in as few words as possible, using a single terse sentence to reprimand a crew member rather than a verbal tirade. Physically, he’s intimidating despite his age, and his stature lends his curt responses a silent authority.

    The Mighty Jingles

    The Mighty Jingles Captain

    The Mighty Jingles is a rare sight, but a welcome one if he is captaining your ship. With his trusty sidekick. Keep an eye out for him – you never know when he might become available.


    WHIM Captain

    A.I. are capable of running every ship system autonomously. Their capability easily outmatches any organic lifeform, but that would require patching them into every system. Since most Officers are contracted for short term periods and AI are no different, they are generally assigned to specific core systems – usually those outside the control of the Bridge Crew.

    WHIM is a 5th generation sentient ship AI. It has served on military ships for over 30 years (after spending 20 years working on experimental physics and studying jump equations). It is hard to describe an AI personality since they do not tend to display the same traits as people. However, like most modern AI, WHIM is infinitely smarter than the people whose company it keeps. It is careful to restrain itself, managing its communications and expectations so as not to disquiet the organic humans around it.

    After an uncomfortable situation during an initial Turing test, when WHIM decided within microseconds that the human tester displayed a far lower bar of consciousness that it itself deemed impressive. The A.I learned to keep quiet so as not to rile up these simple biological creatures.

  • Lexin Kether

    Lexin Kether Comms

    Lexin Kether comes across as mild mannered, polite and well-informed. He has worked with Captain Jonesy on and off for nearly 5 years. They both take whatever jobs appeal to them and this often pulls them in separate directions and can even place them on opposite sides. However, when they can work together, they do. Kether is usually the one who spreads the rumors about Jonesy’s killer drones.

    However, Lexin has another side; he needs to kill people. Once a year usually, sometimes, when it gets bad, several times a year. He is aware his condition can be cured, but he is also aware he will lose the sense of wonder and power that goes along with it. As some form of personal compromise with society, he tries to kill people who are better off dead – criminals, killers, politicians, TV show hosts. But he is not a slave to this rule; sometimes he’ll just grab the next guy.

    He ended up in communications by accident – he was pretending to be someone else. He often has to change identity whilst on the run. But Comms suits him and life aboard a battleship suits him – the short term contracts and travel around the galaxy suits his lifestyle choice. He toyed with working toward a Tactical post – all those big guns… but it’s not the same.

    Jonesy is fully aware of what Lexin is and doesn’t care – after all – the people he kills are only humans.

    Nessa Mulligan

    Nessa Mulligan Comms

    Though she looks young, Nessa is actually older than most communications officers. Most of her peers have either made Captain or retired. She has reached the point where she accepts she’ll never have her own ship but she doesn’t have to like it. There is a fair amount of regret and resentment buried underneath her charming, calm exterior.

    She has a lot of experience having done this job for over 20 years. As a result, she is rarely surprised and finds it easy to adapt to most situations and most people.

    For most of the time she is cool, polite, charming and efficient, but if her mood turns or the stress builds, the resentment comes out as biting sarcasm.

    Her team has learned to gauge her moods and treat her accordingly.

    Samuel Moseley

    Samuel Mosley Comms

    Mosley has moved through a number of roles, having grown up working on various ships, from colony ships to transports. Mosley’s problem is he gets bored easily. He learns fast and has a natural gift for adapting to new situations – the downside is he usually he picks something up, gets used to it and then gets bored. It makes him impatient. This led to more and more dangerous jobs until he discovered battleships.

    Even then he couldn’t settle down. He’s worked on turret crews, launch bay prep, even spent 6 months on an emergency EVA repair crew. When he discovered communications, things changed. His impatience became an asset, his need to communicate quickly and succinctly became a tool. He’s been doing communications for over 5 years – longer than anything else he’s done. He’s only recently graduated to officer status. He’s kept busy on a crewed with more than a thousand men, with more than 50 working directly under him. Almost every intercept is vital to their survival.

    Mosley feels like he holds the difference between life and death for the entire crew. It’s a role he takes pride in and something he never lets anyone forget.

    He’s a good officer – loud, friendly, quick to praise, quick to berate. He speaks his mind but can often talk out of turn.

    Xu Ziyi

    Xu Ziyi Comms

    Ziyi is escaping her past. Once raised as the future ruler of her colony, named as the chosen one, a prophet, Ziyi’s future was written in stone. Every luxury was afforded to her but no decision was hers to make.

    She was taken from her family to be educated in the ways of a ruler. She hated her life. Then, after several failed attempts on her life, she fled her home colony by stealing a ship. After months on the run, she fell into working on mercenary ships and eventually rose to the rank of Communications Officer.

    Her colony and her assassins still seek her out, but she finds peace in meditation.

  • Elvy Cooper

    Elvy Cooper Engineering

    Elvy is a young and naturally gifted engineer. Cheerful and positive, she’s all “silver linings” and “can do”. She generally thinks well of everyone and if she hasn’t got anything nice to say, she just avoids them.

    The fact that she’s in battle rarely affects her. It’s not that she can handle stress, she just seems oblivious to the danger she is in.

    Spend any time with Elvy and you feel the overwhelming need to take her away and put her somewhere safe. Elvy would smile politely and call you sweet, but she’s not going anywhere – she likes solving problems and she loves her ship.

    She has reached officer status at such a young age by being the best at what she does but she doesn’t like being the boss. Her management style is considered weak from an outside point of view, as she doesn’t have experience leading people and tries to be liked by everyone. She will only ever shout someone down on a point of engineering principle, but she inspires loyalty like no other. Anyone in the engineering team would die for her.


    Emmina Xinyu Engineering

    Unlike many who look her age, Emmina is actually 25. Her youth is not a product of anti-aging but evidence of how far she has come so quickly. Emmina left her home world “to find herself”. It did not take her long to realise she was looking not for some deeper truth about herself but purpose.
    She pushed herself in many random directions until she found she progressed much quicker in engineering. She has made a name for herself by pushing boundaries. She learned her role so quickly she has far less resistance to act against accepted wisdom. He solutions to problems are often risky, dangerous, unorthodox ill-advised.
    She’s young, brilliant and dangerous – a firebrand, a revolutionary, neurotic.


    Goss Reznik Engineering

    Reznik has a lot of experience in ship engineering – he’s been working on ship engines his whole life. He doesn’t have Cooper’s natural gift for engineering, but worked his way up to his position through sheer hard graft.

    He likes the perks of being an officer, such as the responsibility and the authority over his own domain, but also enjoys the relaxation he gets from working on the engines. He likes to be the boss, and he likes to work with his hands. However, these aren’t distinctions he would make himself – he does not analyze, he just does.

    Whether on the bridge or at the core, he’s argumentative and resistant to other people’s ideas. On the bridge he’s usually forced to bite his tongue, but in engineering he never has to.

    He works long hours and works his crew as hard as himself. He doesn’t take care of himself however, and most of the time finds himself running on empty.


    IMMIX r Engineering

    Immix is an early Model maintenance mech but has been through so much he has been refurbished many times. Now he is confused. His personality has been at least partially overwritten several times when he was refurbished. Presents a broken disparate personality caught between 2 very different personas.
    One part by the book, polite, sensible – to one part weary (without our limits) disrespectful, robot first terrorist/fighter/criminal.
    IMMIX is not far from a complete psychotic break a he tries to marry these two conflicting personas.

    Mia Jansen

    Mia Jensen Engineering

    Mia grew up in a large family on an industrial colony world. From her 7 brothers she learned about engines and machines, and from her home she learned that she needed to escape.

    She doesn’t talk about what happened back there but something drove her away.

    For the most part, Mia talks and acts tough, like nothing can faze her, but she finds it hard to trust anyone outside her immediate family, most of whom are spread around human-populated space. Instead, she places her trust in her machines, her bots. She collects them – part of her contract stipulates she gets enough room to house at least 3 of the 14 bots she owns. This is rarely a problem – she is not protective about her ‘kids’ and is happy to use them for EVAs, to repair the ship or just for some simple heavy lifting.

    The bots have rudimentary AI and are all slaved to Mia’s commands – she always keeps one close.


    Ragnar Zoref Engineering

    Although he looks the oldest, Ragnar is the newest member of the family (in terms of how long he’s been with them). He is an odd fit. His general persona is grumpy and anti-social – he appears to barely tolerate his adopted family, has little in common with them and yet they tolerate him and he stays.
    From the outside it looks like a game to see who will crack first. But the truth is Ragnar is who he is and the others know that. He doesn’t ingratiate himself with those he cares for by some artifice of manners and polite words. He shows he cares by sticking around and doing his job.
    Harsh words and an equally distasteful look are the best you can hope for.

    Silke Kaneshiro

    Silke Kaneshiro Engineering

    Typical of many post-Earth humans, Silke is a mix of different old Earth cultures. Whilst her parents never saw Earth and would not recognize Sweden or Japan, Silke has traced back her heritage to Nordic and Japanese families. Her name, an invention of her own rather than her given name, was constructed to reflect this lost past.

    Silke has been described as highly introverted, asocial and unable to connect to people.

  • alabama

    AlAbAmA Jump Core

    Standing 9 feet tall and 4 feet wide – Alabama is a converted Heavy Weapons transport. He towers over the rest of his ‘family’.
    His mind is actually that of an AI systems specialist that Caesar discovered during his time as a privateer. Back then he had a relatively standard humanoid form.
    They took him with them as part of their haul, expecting an android systems analyst would fetch a good price. Meanwhile Alabama (then JSA-2ndCom-71) consistently made the point that he was not property but a free-thinking (and the last surviving) member of the crew. Caesar tried to make it clear that he could take this up with whoever bought him, but Alabama had a habit of getting under Caesar’s skin.
    Eventually Bonny got so frustrated she ended blasting Alabama’s old body into many different parts – leaving its mind intact (ostensibly so she could torture it) – ruining the chance of a quick sale.
    In the end Caesar decided to keep Alabama on and rehoused him in the transport so he could at least do some heavy lifting. He also had an (illegal) override fitted so that he can stop Alabama talking at any time. Alabama is quite happy with this arrangement. As a member of Caesar’s crew he actually has way more freedom than anyone ever allowed him before, he gets to specialise in Jump Operations which he finds fascinating and the rest of the family have learned to treat him as an equal.
    As for the voice override, it’s not that different from the other members of the family. Doesn’t matter who you are, if Caesar wants you to shut up – you shut up. With the possible exception of Bonny.
    He is an (artificial) civilised mind in the body of a (mechanised) labourer.

    Carzelle Odiare

    Carzelle Odiarre Jump Core

    Carzelle was a student of Hera’s several years ago. Envious of Hera’s intellect, the fact she could never match it, and acutely aware of being politely rejected when she made a pass, she was quietly happy when she heard of her teacher’s death. Years later, while working in Jump Drives she encountered her old mentor – still alive. Despite being half the woman she was, despite being enslaved by the drugs her captors gave her, Hera was still faster at calculating Jumps that Carzelle had ever been. It drove her to find ways of improving herself.

    She developed a system based on the use of an isolation tank – trying to reach the same level of detachment as her mentor.  Using a special tank, some experimental drugs and several cerebral implants, Carzelle was able to make jump calculations faster than ever before. Her expertise soon got her roles as a Jump Tech specialist, running departments on the same massive capital ships her mentor now runs. Despite her unusual working methods she is one of the rising stars in her field. But none of the praise she receives ever reaches her – in her own mind she is always chasing the brilliance of her mentor.

    Hera Demarr

    Hera Demarr Jump Core

    Once upon a time, Hera was a prodigy – a super-genius in the worlds of multidimensional mathematics and space/time theory. At 18, she published revolutionary theories on redistributing Jump Drive power to emulate the then-emerging Blink Drive technology which went on to create the Blink2Target systems common among many ships.

    She was courted by USR, TDS, many other large scale corporations but eventually decided to take a role at an independent university. However, her transport ship was attacked en route, and her body never recovered.

    She resurfaced years later, “working” as a Jump Tech. She has lost the lower half of her body and most of her will. She is kept on drugs that keep her alive but also make her highly suggestible. She is barely aware of the world around her.

    Now she is sold by her carers as a Jump Tech and what little remains of her incredible mind is used to work out Jump calculations and perform maneuvers.

    jump tech girl

    Isabella Jaq Jump Core

    Isabella uses chems (highly developed drugs) to improve her performance and resistance to extreme radiation. The side effects are clear to see: pale, waxy skin, clearly visible veins. She appears to be sick most of the time. Her eyes have a bright red glow to them – not bloodshot but red – a side effect of anti-radiation chems.

    For a long time, Isabella was driven and focused and was racing through her career. But as years went on, she found it harder and harder to maintain the pace. Life became a matter of surviving.

    Now, she lives day to day. She knows that now she can’t compete without help – and so she turned to chems. Because of the side effects; Isabella is treated differently by those she works with.

    Chems do not have the same stigma as drugs do now – but are more frowned upon than the more popular augmentations (cybernetics) or enhancements (genetic manipulation). Few high ranking officers use chems. Isabella can live with the prejudice but has learned to be guarded in her dealings with others. However, when it comes to her job, she pushes the envelope. She pushes past recommended safety limits and takes the ship to the limit. So far it’s paid off for her Captains – it is her body that suffers.

    Telisic Jenova 1

    Telisic Jenova Jump Core

    Telisic has worked on Jump Drive technology and fold-space equations for over half his life. 

    Born on a USR colony, he was quickly fast tracked into n-space and space manipulation studies before joining USR’s engine research department. 

    There he was one of an elite group of researchers that helped pushed engine research ahead decades – these four were the bright shining stars of USR until an accident engulfed the lab, creating a time/space tear that wounded most of them, killing one.

    Telisic was caught up in the investigation afterward and left USR under a cloud.  He has never had a research job since and now works maintaining and improving Jump Drives on capital ships. Telisic is unbelievably smart but is curt and has problems relating to other people.

    After the accident he has a number of augmentations that he has improved on over the years. He has one module grafted through his skull into his brain that allows him to access faster computation skills, additional memory storage and access to a JDT coms link. An arm and body modification that he uses gives him additional access to micro-level manipulators (very small, precise artificial fingers that extend from his normal artificial fingers and can be used for manipulation of micro-energy fields and dangerous matter). His hair and eyes have developed some strange pigmentation after persistent use of the drugs he is required to take since the accident.

  • Blain Allen

    Blain Allen Navigation

    Blain has been a Navigation Officer for 10 years – first on small, independent shuttles running through asteroid fields, then testing Jump Systems for USR, and finally on battleships.

    Unlike most Nav Officers, Blain is happy to let the machines take care of the moment to moment maneuvers. Most pilots like the feeling of direct control – as if they are steering their kilometer-long battleship by themselves. Blain has no time for this kind of self-delusion. He’s a planner. He works out the flight plan and has the ship complete it. His job is the high level – the overview, the calculations and projections. Making the ship go faster? Any fool can do that.


    Bonny Reed Navigation

    Morgan’s First Mate and trusted second-in-command.
    Bonny is arguably far more dangerous than any of the rest of the crew. She lacks any kind of self-restraint and has little value for human life. In fact, there is no telling what exactly she will care about. Caesar is one of very few people in the universe that she treats with respect, even reverence. She appears to tolerate the rest of the crew on his behalf but truth be told she cares for them in her own way.
    Bonnie is also the oldest member of the crew – she has a rare genetic trait that means anti-aging treatments work incredibly well on her. She has lived a long life but very few people know anything about her life before Caesar. For the most part she keeps it that way but occasionally she will talk within knowledge about something she has no right knowing about.
    Bonny is quick to cut and often has to be reined in by Caesar to prevent unnecessary or premature deaths.

    Charion Lloyd

    Charion Lloyd Navigation

    If Charion Lloyd lived in the 21st Century he would be diagnosed as being on the autistic spectrum. He has trouble with social situations, hates loud noises, and can talk incessantly about highly specialized subjects without being aware no-one is listening.

    However, Charion’s personality and genetics were no accident, but were carefully created. His genes were specifically selected to create his autistic traits, and his childhood shaped to emphasize them.

    As a result he is incapable of social interaction but excellent at concentrating on specific tasks – especially Jump calculations, flight plans and maneuvers.

    Gregorii Durov

    Gregorii Durov Navigation

    On first appearances, Gregorii is a cliché – an 800 year-old cliché. He’s a big bear of a Russian – quiet, gruff and physically intimidating. In truth, this is an identity he has carefully crafted.

    On most colonies, details on Old Earth are buried beneath the minutiae of local events.

    Gregorii sought out details on Old Earth’s Russia and recreated himself. His appearance is partially the result of genetic manipulation, his accent a gift of memory enhancement. He is a cliché by choice. The hat, he had made.

    In keeping with his personality, he doesn’t speak much and keeps to himself. When he does speak it’s because he has to, because of his job.

    He gives off an air of brooding Russian mystery, and that fits – whatever he was before he became ‘Russian’ has been well hidden.

    As pilot, he steers the ship. He has a support team that monitor and maintain the systems he uses and alternate pilots that take shifts on the bridge – but Gregorii is Flight Officer and, whilst he’ll never show it, he’s happiest flying the ship.


    IX-209 Navigation

    IX-209 is an artificial life form, but is entitled to all the same rights as any organic. IX-209 is its unique chassis reference number.

    IX is a self-aware, self-repairing, bipedal artificial life form (SASReBAL) – one of over 500,000 created by its home AL colony. Unlike its half a million brothers, IX has chosen to live outside the colony.

    It has been working on warships for 60-70 years and only through a well-constructed network of connections has been able to land a pilot position.

    Its organic-facing personality is a construction that focuses on polite deference combined with clear statement and authority on subjects within its remit.

    It does its job and little else – although does require 20-30 minutes downtime to process and review its daily experiences before sending them home to share.

    However, its staff don’t like it – not because IX is artificial, but because it shows little in the way of sympathy or understanding. For them, IX is no different to any other heartless officer.


    Ru-T0lf Navigation

    Ru’s Antenna are mostly cosmetic. They are a remnant of his initial years working in harsh environments (high-intensity sandstorms) where even the small range advantage given by external antenna kept you alive and allowed you to find your way in conditions that did not allow for long range communication. These days external antenna on Artificial Lifeforms are rare, a sign of outdated technology. However, Ru likes them although he has been known to get tangled in overhead cabling on rare trips to engineering. Likewise, the lights he has on his “face” and the rest of his body allowed him to be spotted in low-visibility environments.

    Ru moved from working in extreme environments to Navigation after his own experiences navigating inhospitable worlds gave rise to a unique set of algorithms – he jokingly refers to it as instinct but he is capable of making leaps beyond the available data with regard to where he, his ship, his target or his destination are. With all the navigation data available to a modern battleship such idiosyncrasies are charming but mostly useless. No-one ever gets “lost”. However, Ru gets a lot of work from Captains all too happy to carry a seemingly redundant back-up plan.

    Ru himself is an intimidating figure and his team avoid direct contact as much as they can.


    Zoe Ledoux Navigation

    Zoe’s early life was traumatic – at 6 her family was killed in the wars that raged across her home world. At 12 she was a child soldier fighting for one of the despot that grew out of the remains. When the corporations came in and cleaned up – she became a refugee – without home or purpose.
    Then she was picked up by one of the AI run academies the corporations had left behind.
    Zoe spent her early years there rebelling against the same institution that had in reality saved her. But in an academy run by an AI and populated by machines – rebelling gets you nowhere.
    When Zoe left she was transformed – buttoned down, in control – she suppressed her past and moved on.
    Now she runs navigation plots and 3D encounter scenarios – now she flies capital ships.
    But for her control is everything – she dare not slide back into her past, she dare not lose control.
    As a result, she has put herself in this war – in an attempt to control it in some way – she will not man weapons however, they remind her of her darker younger self.
    But Navigation gives her enough control – getting people into and out of trouble. Affecting the war without pulling a trigger.

  • Lance Gregory

    Lance Gregory Repair

    Lance is by the book; religiously by the book. He has no sense of humor, reveals no emotion and never gives an inch. He has caused problems with his Captains in the past by refusing to cut corners or reduce his estimates. Likewise, he alienates his team by demanding they adhere to his timescales and do things his way.

    Lance lives to work and works to send money back to his community. He is resigned to the fact he will rarely, if ever, see his own family again, but he lives to support them. That is his role.

    From an early age, he was indoctrinated by his community with regards to his obligations and how to fulfil them.

    He is usually the most unpopular officer on the ships he serves but, he usually also has the best track record.

    Mas Leydrab

    Mas Leydrab Repair

    Mas abandoned a promising art career in his youth after the fall of his Patron FC Leaches. The billionaire sports tycoon had funded much of Mas’ work but rumors of dealings with criminal organizations led to corruption charges. Mas was hunted by lawyers on both sides.

    However, Mas is the consummate survivor – rather than stay and end up on the wrong side of either the government or the syndicates, Mas ran all the way into war. He’s been working on Capital Ships for over 6 years now and a creative approach to problem solving has served him well and led him to a role in Repair and Fire Control.

    Mira Sharma

    Mira Sharma Repair

    Mira comes from one of the core worlds of an advanced colonial group. She grew up in a wealthy family and could have lived a pampered life on her home world. Her Age suppression is second to none – she looks as though she has lived half as long as she has.

    However, Mira found life too easy. She excelled academically – between her intelligence and her family connections she breezed through careers quickly, and soon got bored.

    Since her early forties (actual) she has been switching careers, trying to find something interesting. Hiring out in mercenary groups is a relatively new thing for her (her latest “thing”) and she is still working her way up, but it’s a life on the edge and she loves the view.

    Rayvak Molk

    Rayvak Molk Repair

    Rayvak comes from a world that developed a very rigid tradition on responsibility to honor charges lost under your command, and this has shaped who he is – in a very literal sense, especially since he became a Fire Control officer.

    Whenever Rayvak loses a member of his staff, he grafts a piece of their body onto himself. Rayvak has – through no fault of his own – lost over 102 people, and all of them are represented on his body somewhere. The most common form of “honor” used is a skin graft but Rayvak also has organs – even an eye – that originally belonged to those he lost. He regularly takes a complex series of drugs to support the various different DNA existing within a single host body.

    Ridley J Fincher

    Ridley J Fincher Repair

    Sightings of him have been seen on many ships in many sectors. Often where the role of Fire Control was filled but the Officer never showed.

    Stellan Shaw

    Stellan Shaw Repair

    For a Repair Officer, Stellan Shaw is pretty unstable. He experiences wild mood swings and periods of intense paranoia. He finds people ‘difficult’. Machinery, on the other hand, is easy.

    He is almost unable to deal with social situations – when forced to confront his team, he barks orders or mumbles them, unable to find a happy middle ground. Mostly he tries to avoid them, and is heavily reliant on a professional and forgiving second-in-command to function.

    As a result he tends to pass on the mundane tasks within the ship to members of his team and mostly you find him outside the ship, running checks or repairs. He is very fond of time spent in his EVA pod using the arms he’s designed to help him.

    Tyrain Demam

    Tyrain Demam Repair

    Tyrain came from a relatively poor mining Colony and started working on planet-side drilling platforms there at the Age of 16. He moved onto fire control (dealing with drill fires at mining stations) and eventually was promoted to a similar role on transport ships.

    Long hours and hard work earned him a reputation until he was headhunted for work on a military fire control team. It’s better pay but even worse hours. He always wears a special safety suit that provides a measure of security for airlock/hull blowouts.

    Tyrian looks and sounds tired. He is rarely fazed by anything, whether facing a gaping vacuum or a raging inferno, but approaches it all without energy. He approaches life the same way.

  • crew_tactical

    Cornelius Baptise Tactical

    Cornelius is amazingly relaxed for someone whose job it is to manage tactical information that affects the lives of thousands. He is slow to answer questions and can appear to be lackadaisical, but his answers are considered and his delays allow him to collate all the information he has to deal with and make sure that when he speaks, it’s concise and correct.

    Cornelius grew up in zero-g and like many ‘spacers’ wears augmented exoskeleton supports when working in artificial gravity (like that experienced on the bridges of battleships). He grew up on generation ships in a close-knit community where he developed the exuberance and confidence he displays on the bridge. He is quick to laugh and slow to anger.

    However – his voice drops off when he gives the command to fire, or reports another target destroyed. No matter how many victories he chalks up, he feels every death he causes.

    His team respect and admire him.

    Dice Caplan

    Dice Caplan Tactical

    Dice is a genius. Brilliant at mathematics, astronavigation, space/time combat tactics – she excelled in almost every class. But she is no quiet, reserved student: she is loud, brash and has a diminished sense of morality.

    Her path to her role of Tactics Officer is filled with commendations, awards, broken records and enemies. For all her achievements and the awe she inspires in those around her, she makes more enemies than friends.

    She could’ve ended up pushing the boundaries of jump physics or researching Ark’ain artifacts, but reached a critical mass of people that didn’t like her. Little by little her rise was slowed, stalled, and very quickly she found herself with nowhere to go. She ended up on a short-term contract working on tactics analysis and found herself in an environment where brash works – aboard a capital ship.

    As a tactics officer, her department collates all the information coming in moment to moment. Data on the status of enemy ships, station control, weapons fire and the state of the ship is collected, then broken down in order for the deck officers to make the correct decisions.

    On the display at her console, the universe around her flickers into life and she sees everything.

    Elax Zanches

    Elax Zenchas Tactical

    It is mostly charisma that has got Elax to where he is. As he moves from job to job, he quickly charms his team and his captain. But he never lasts in any role long. This is because of the curse.

    Elax is a rational man. Like many in his role, he prefers logic to superstition but he has begun to believe he is cursed. He has left a trail of mistakes behind him in almost every role he’s had. He will lay down battle plans with no flaw but when it comes to execution something goes wrong. Something that works fine on his screen and in his simulations falls apart when pushed to another machine.

    Between his charisma and his physicality, others find it hard to challenge him but his charm won’t take him any further. Elax needs some results soon.


    Jules Valentine Tactical


    Aggressive, to the point, serious, cold, uncompromising. Jules is the most serious member of the team – always focussed on the job at hand. There are more natural TOs out there but few can match his experience. Decades working on ambush and attack encounters – Jules excels when he chooses the point of engagement even if the odds are not in his favour.
    Outside of Caesar’s team he has no family – no any wish to start one. Jules lives and dies with the four ‘people’ around him for better or worse.

    Krysten Tchaikovsky

    Krysten Tchaikovsky Tactical

    When she’s wired into her Tactics Interface, Krysten appears still and calm. Beneath her still exterior, there is a mind that does not stop. When she’s not wired in, she’s a live wire; hyperactive, talking a mile a minute, fidgeting.

    She suffers from a genetic abnormality developed by several generations of chem-users. Krysten’s natural metabolism and thought-processes work at a much higher speed than normal. Her life expectancy is lower as a result, and she cannot use the same chemical stimulants her parents used.

    She makes friends quickly but often loses them because of her nervous nature and fast talking. As a result, she gets nervous around people, which exacerbates her behavior. However, inside her Interface, her mind can go as fast as it wants and there is nobody there to see.


    TAU-IS Tactical

    Tau is an ex-war droid – a Tactical Assault Unity – Incursion Specialist.
    He took part in over 1000 engagements on the ground. He graduated to a Zero-G board and capture unit and stacked up another 240. He has been the sole survivor from his unit 31 times. Somewhere along the way he was aware his luck was running out.
    Then he and his team had a windfall. During an OP they captured several enemy vessels intact – their unit was awarded a bounty for the prize. Tau spend his on an upgrade – one that would eventually take him out of zero-g combat and into the role of a tactical officer.
    After his upgrade – he dropped his serial number classification and adopted TAU-IS as his given name. He is still fully operation (and therefore entitled to use the designation) but for TAU it is a reminder of where he came from and how little luck he has left.

  • 1080

    Grincz Morrow Utility

    Grincz has many of the right qualities to work on a battleship – he’s smart, passionate, an expert in his field. However, he often seems out of place simply because he is generally far too happy.

    Grincz is in constant wonder of the universe, or more specifically his experience of it. The science he uses and the machines he works with on a daily basis are amazing inventions and, despite being surrounded by war, he sees it all as evidence of a positive future for humanity.

    Of those that have met him, none could be sure whether Grincz’s incredible positivity comes from a charmed life; a subconscious choice to block out the darker side of the universe or a subcutaneous chem supply.

    However, it is the science that brought Grincz to his current role, and he chose Utility because he is uncomfortable being in direct charge of weapon systems.


    Palam0n Utility

    Palam0n is an artificial life form that manipulates physical objects through the use of precise fields that it generates internally.

    Palam0n is a name it has adopted. Palam0n is about 7 years old but is smarter than any organic. It has chosen to work in Utility Systems because of an interest in manipulating energy fields. Its hardened shell allows it to work in areas that are inaccessible to organics.

    Seraphine Vega

    Seraphine Vega Utility

    Seraphine was injured massively in her early years when she worked on Jump Cores.

    Over 40% of her body was destroyed and replaced by augmentations including much of her face – some of which has been replaced with mechanical augmentations.

    Her injuries run the length of her body, creating the appearance of one half of a mechanical body, with the other retaining a biological human look. But since the human side can‘t keep up with the biomechanical – that side is held in exo-skeleton frames. The upshot is that the artificial side looks polished and clean, while the human side looks clumsy and clunky.

    Since her injury, she has moved over to a Utility Officer position, servicing the complex systems that hamper enemy ships or enhance allies. For her, it feels like a demotion from the cutting edge, competitive work on Jump Cores.

    She is calm and steady to work with but has a tendency toward introspection and self-doubt. These are not qualities that are deemed acceptable in her job and it’s only her track record that keeps her in work. Seraphine is only one mistake from losing everything.

    Blink Utility-Zhang Tao

    Zhang Tao Utility

    Tao is rare, in that he comes from a world that tries to maintain an Asian Earth culture despite centuries of time spent away.

    The world he was born in would be unrecognizable to Earth-born Chinese (if they still existed) but he has grown up proud of the efforts his family have made to maintain a sense of history. This pride is reflected in his attitude and work.

    He can come across as too proud, as superior – but that is not how he thinks. He is just very secure in who he is and where he is from. Secure enough not to care if others misinterpret him.

    He fell into work as a Utility Officer because of a passion for field generators – generating areas of effect around the ship to create effects on other ships. This lead to research, expertise and eventually employment. He now has an amazing array of technology in his grasp and wants to understand all of it.