Proving Grounds

The first port of call for new players should be the Proving Grounds. This is our short introduction to basic gameplay mechanics and controls. Putting players in command of their very first vessel, the Proving Grounds gives you everything you need to get started in Fractured Space – as well as granting a reward for its completion.

Firing Range

Giving players a chance to ‘try before you buy’ as well as to test out various ships in live-fire exercises, the Firing Range puts the player in command of any ship in the game against a training opponent. This can be any selected ship, allowing hundreds of different combinations to be tested.


The ‘classic’ Fractured Space gameplay is known as Conquest mode. Here the two teams do battle across two sectors of space, Alpha and Beta, to capture mining stations. Each team has a forward base in each sector, and once this is captured a jump can be made to the home base – which must be captured to win the game. A third sector, Gamma, becomes available periodically – counted down to by the timer at the top centre of the screen. When this is online, the team which captures it gains significant stat increases – Gamma battles are vital to success.



Frontline is a faster, more streamlined version of Fractured Space, taking place in a single sector with just three mining stations to capture. Two teams of five randomized ships duke it out in a high-speed battle to capture the home base as usual, but with a time limit. After 12 minutes, no base repairs, and no respawns are given as the game enters Sudden Death.

For a full Gameplay Overview, head to Fractured Space 101.

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