Fractured Space All Stars Tournament – Team Announcement

As we near the end of another year within Fractured Space, we thought there was no better way of rounding out this year than with some friendly competition. We invited the top 200 players, according to their MMR, to sign up so they may be randomly assigned into teams which would allow us to crown the victors the true All Stars of Fractured Space on 17th December 2016.

With 72 participants signing up this allowed for 12 teams to be formed. Five members per team plus a substitute. While some teams may contain players that are familiar with each other, the randomized team setup should show off the competence of all the Captains involved and demonstrate their ability to adapt to new teammates. To further emphasize just how good these Captains must be, the tournament bracket will be a single elimination format with all matches played being a Best of One (Bo1) apart from the Finals, which will be a Best of Three (Bo3). If a team isn’t giving it their all, they could very well see themselves being eliminated.

With sign-ups concluded, we can now reveal the teams.

Team Sirius

  • Daseinwashere
  • Rey
  • Bodmans
  • Kainziwalker
  • M3reel
  • Operator

Team Arcturus

  • Xerid
  • HedgesRoe
  • Rezdoggy
  • AndrewofDoom
  • M00hk00h
  • eLit-MiLan

Team Vega

  • BioParco
  • Boto
  • Sir.Decade
  • Spawn
  • Peril
  • Jason Endrago

Team Rigel

  • Maki-chan
  • Zero Strike
  • Durandalle
  • Moon
  • Azurea
  • Robertpdot

Team Procyon

  • Discobot
  • CakeCommander
  • JetLaGGed
  • Cid
  • Kurt
  • InfinitygamerAT

Team Altair

  • Spoon
  • SenorNightam
  • TheKaiKer
  • Kirinketsu
  • A Penguin
  • Laser14344

Team Acrux

  • CyLoN R@pToR
  • Willus
  • JoeDaBrave
  • Echo2142
  • Gamatech
  • CatsVsNinjas

Team Pollux

  • Fijiri
  • Mr McCrazy
  • Comandos
  • Zachev
  • DeceitfulBlade
  • Red Barchetta

Team Polaris

  • Chee
  • AussieGhost987
  • EeZeE
  • Avalon
  • Phispi
  • Varekai

Team Hadar

  • Zenel
  • Charga600
  • ToastyPancakes
  • Anti-tank panda
  • Pr0gr4mm3r
  • Dr.Blue

Team Bellatrix

  • Vyalar
  • North Star
  • Vanto
  • Disapproval Banana
  • Get Away From Me With That
  • Simseo

Team Capella

  • F_Summoner
  • ChosenBeard
  • Caleb
  • Mirolog
  • Muad’dib
  • InterSpectra

We hope to see some of the most skillful play happening on 17th December 2016 and we hope you’ll join us on our Twitch channel for live coverage.