Fractured Space Experimental – 17th Nov 2016

This Thursday (17th Nov 2016) from 17:00 UTC we will have the first experimental session for Fractured Space.

Experimental sessions try out significant changes to the game that cover one or more of the core game mechanics. In this first test we’re adjusting the mobility of every player ship in the game. Base thrust and maneuverability (including yaw, strafe and climb) are all affected by this change and we believe it will make for some highly entertaining games.

The change in mobility is not enormous; forward thrust is increased by 30% while maneuvering is boosted by 10%, however if you’re an experienced player you should notice the difference immediately.

Solo play and Frontline games are not included in this session. Co-op, custom and PvP however all benefit from this increase in speed.

Fractured Space Experimental runs from 17:00 UTC on Thursday until 10:00 UTC on Friday.