Crew Implants


The introduction of Crew Implants will dramatically change how you use your crew, and we’re really excited to see how you guys use them on different ships and crew members. The Crew Implants are going to give you more control over how your ship fights, with almost 30 Implants ready to go, and many more to come, the possibilities are huge!

Crew Implants work with your existing crew members, allowing players to adapt their ship to suit them. Crew members now have two stats rather than the three they had before, however you can add up to three implants on one crew member, giving you a plethora of customization options for every crew member. To add an Implant to a crew member, all you need to do is simply drag and drop the Implant on to one of the slots on the crew card. You’ll see on the left of the screen what effect the Implant has on that particular crew member’s stats; Implants are interchangeable so when you place one, you can still replace it, this enables you to check the stat changes to ensure you’ve made the right choice.

There are three primary types of Implant:
– Attack (colored red)
– Defense (colored blue)
– Utility (colored yellow)

Each Implant has a very specific effect on your ship. For example, an attack Implant could be anything from attack damage to missile range. So while there are three categories, there are a lot of different options to choose from within each category.

There are limitations to Implants however, each of the three slots on crew members is specified to attack, defense and utility, meaning it is not possible to put multiples of one category on one crew member; but as each crew card has one of each slot, there are five options for each category, so you won’t be struggling to make a difference.

Legendary cards have been in the game for a little while, and up until now have served as merely a different colored card. That’s all changed, Legendary crew members will play a more significant role in your crew setups now, as they have no category limitations; you can put any Implants in any slot. This is just the beginning stage of our plans for these special crew members.

So how do you get these Implants? Initially, Implants can be obtained through the drop pods in the daily missions. However we will eventually be selling them for DNA on a weekly rotation bases. For example, we would sell three implant types at a time which will change from week to week. This gives every player an equal opportunity to obtain all available Crew Implants.

The intention with Crew Implants is to give players a huge range of customization options, making you think much more strategically about the crew members and Implants you choose for a specific ship. In the future we will be creating more Implants which can be tailored even more specifically on a ship to ship basis.



All Implants and stats are work in progress and are subject to change.