Conquest 2.0 Overview

Conquest 2.0 is faster paced and more action-packed. The map is tighter – objectives and jump points are a little closer to get you into combat faster, respawn times have been reduced, it’s easier to attack but also easier to defend.

Sector Updates

Asteroid Setups
All Alpha/Beta sectors have been reworked and asteroid layouts are now mirrored so that neither team will have a cover advantage.

New asteroid bases are positioned around each mine to add context for the new Mining Freighters.

Sector Boundary Adjustments
Outer boundaries of all sectors have been reduced, sector height remains unchanged.

Sector Old Boundary New Boundary
Home Base/Enemy Base 80k x 60k x 30k 60k x 50k x 30k
Alpha/Beta 60k x 100k x 30k 50k x 80k x 30k
Gamma 60k x 60k x 30k 50k x 50k x 30k

Station Positions
The distances between Forward Stations and Mines in Alpha and Beta Sectors have been shortened – it is now much faster to get into the action after jumping in.

All Stations are now centered vertically within the Sectors (Forward Stations were previously 1,000 up/1,000 down and end Mines were 2,000 up/2,000 down).

Station positions for reference: each is measured from Center of Sector to Center of Station.

Sector – Station Old Distance from Center New Distance
Home Base – Home Base Station 2,000 Unchanged
Alpha/Beta – Forward Station 22,000 16,000
Alpha/Beta – Middle Mine 0 Unchanged
Alpha/Beta – End Mine 15,000 11,300
Gamma – Gamma Station 0 Unchanged

Jump Point Positions
Jump Home points are now in the center of the Home Base Capture Zone – Jumping Home now allows quick and easy Upgrading and healing, and quickly gets you back into a good spot to defend the Home Base.

All Jump Points have been moved closer to nearby stations. Positions of points on the Tactical Map are offset a little in order to keep the map nicely spaced and readable (most noticeably – jump points from Warp to Home Base appear outside the Capture Zone on the map, but are actually inside).

Jump Point – Station Old Distance (approx) New Distance (approx)
Alpha/Beta back – Forward Station 2800 2600
Alpha/Beta side – Forward Station 5100 4000
Alpha/Beta side – Near Mine 4000 1900
Gamma Points – Gamma 5500 3500
Home Base from A/B – Home Base 8000 2300
Home Base from Warp – Home Base 2300 Inside Capture Zone
Jump Home – Home Base 4000 Center of Capture Zone

Station Updates

Capture Times
Capture Times for each station have been reduced, Capture Times are based on a medium ship at Upgrade level 0 (at Upgrade level 9 a Medium ship will capture 4x faster than at Upgrade Level 0).

Station Old Capture Time New Capture Time
Mine 25 20
Forward Station 60 50
Home Base 240 210
Gamma I 60 40
Gamma II 90 65
Gamma III 120 85

Mine Updates
Mining Freighters have been added. 60% of Resources (used for Upgrading) gained from controlled mines is now delivered by the Freighters. (Mines used to passively generate 5R/s, now they passively generate 2R/s and the other 3R/s is carried in the Freighters).

  • Mining Freighters will begin spawning 10 seconds after a Mine has been captured (none are spawned by neutral Mines).
  • Each Freighter carries 60 Resources, a new Freighter is spawned once every 20 seconds.
  • Freighters have 500 Hit Points.
  • Freighters will be destroyed instantly on contact with Enemy player ships but have no collision with Friendly player ships (they will clip through Friendly players).
  • Freighters follow simple routes around new asteroid bases positioned near each Mine. Freighter routes take approximately 60 seconds to complete.
  • If a Freighter is destroyed before it completes its route then the enemy team will be awarded the 60 Resources that it carries.
  • If a Freighter completes its route and returns to the Mine while the friendly team still controls it then the Freighter will deliver the 60 Resources to the friendly team.
  • If a Freighter completes its route and returns to the Mine after the enemy team has captured it then the Freighter will not deliver any Resources to either team.

Forward Station Updates
15km Hostile Sensors are no longer destructible, the spotting and minimap vision they provide will always be there to assist defenders to make good decisions about how to defend.

Home Base Updates
Home Base turrets have had their damage reduced from 75 damage per projectile to 50 damage per projectile.

Gamma Updates
Both teams now have permanent spotting information of enemy ships that are inside the Gamma capture zone – this spotting is always on, even if Gamma is not currently Online.

Gamma Capture Zone has improved readability.

  • Gamma Offline – Dark Grey
  • Gamma Online – White
  • Gamma Captured – Capturing Team’s color (Blue/Red)
  • All Players with Gamma buff destroyed/Gamma Buff timed out – back to Dark Grey.

Gamma buffs have been adjusted:

Buff Old Timing New Timing
Gamma I Online 300 240
Gamma II/III Online 420 360
Gamma buff duration 240 180

Stat Modifier Old Gamma I New Gamma I
Max Thrust Speed 20% 10%
Cooldown Reduction 15% 10%
Damage Reduction 22.5% 20%
Station Damage Reduction 15% 30%
Fire Rate 7.5% 5%
Capture Rate 125% 100%

Stat Modifier Old Gamma II New Gamma II
Max Thrust Speed 30% 15%
Cooldown Reduction 20% 15%
Damage Reduction 30% 25%
Station Damage Reduction 20% 30%
Fire Rate 10% 7.5%
Capture Rate 150% 125%

Stat Modifier Old Gamma III New Gamma III
Max Thrust Speed 30% 20%
Cooldown Reduction 20% 20%
Damage Reduction 30% 30%
Station Damage Reduction 20% 30%
Fire Rate 10% 10%
Capture Rate 150% 150%
Jump Buff Jump Buff On Jump Buff On