April 28, 2016

Fractured Space Drop System Overview


The Drop System is designed to offer rewards to players for a variety of in-game activities while simultaneously making the method of acquiring new crew members more satisfying.

Drop Pods are earned on a daily basis through the completion of games over the course of a single day. A day in this sense begins at midnight UTC and ends at 23:59 UTC, regardless of where in the world you are.

The first Drop Pod will be issued when the player completes 2 games, the second when a player completes 4 games and the third after their 6th complete game. In other words, a player will earn all three daily Drop Pods by completing 6 games in total. It is not necessary to complete these games in a single session as your progress will be recorded. At the end of the day your progress is reset and you begin again.

Drop Pods are rated Bronze, Silver and Gold as an indicator of their quality level. Each subsequent Drop Pod opened over the course of a day increases in quality. For example, a player may earn 6,000 credits from their first Drop Pod of the day (Bronze), but 18,000 credits from their third (Gold).

These daily Drop Pods are only earned through the completion of a game, or if a surrender occurs after the 15 minute mark in the game has been passed. Disconnecting from a game will slow your ability to develop your crew as incomplete games are not counted towards missions.

Each Drop Pod contains one item from the following list:

  • Booster
  • Credits
  • Crew Template
  • DNA
  • Legendary Crew Template
  • Platinum

There are several new concepts in the list above, and they represent the Crew Collection System.

Crew Collection

Previously, crew members have been collected through 3 primary methods:

  • Default crew members: given to players at the beginning of their career or as a result of completing the Proving Grounds
  • Exclusive crew members, earned from attending promotional event periods
  • Purchased crew members, bought through the in-game store for credits

When the Crew Collection system is introduced all default and purchased crew members will be relocked, and existing players will be issued a Reimbursement Pack which contains:

  • 17,000 credits per purchased crew member previously owned
  • And either (50% chance) a crew member at random
  • Or (50% chance) 3,000 DNA

All existing players will then receive the Supply Ship which is normally earned through completion of the Proving Grounds. This pack contains the following:

  • Crew Template: Marie-Anna Moreau
  • Crew Template: Nessa Mulligan
  • Crew Template: Telisic Jenova
  • Crew Template: IX-209
  • Crew Template: Elax Zenchas
  • 1 experience Booster
  • 1 credit Booster
  • 60 Platinum
  • 15,400 DNA

Before moving on to an overview of how the system works overall, here is a quick breakdown of terminology used.

Crew Templates

Each crew member in the game has both a standard and Legendary version available. The Legendary variants change the appearance of the crew member and are intended to add extra personality and style to your crew, but do not affect their stats or abilities in any way.

Please note that initially Legendary crew members are denoted by a small change in color. This is not their final form, which will most definitely live up to the name “Legendary”.

In the event that you receive a crew member you already have they will be immediately converted into DNA to help you develop your existing collection. In the event that the new crew member is standard quality you will be awarded 1,500 DNA. If they are legendary you will receive 4,500 DNA.

In the event that you already have a trained basic crew member and receive the Legendary variant, your existing crew member will be upgraded to Legendary and you will receive 1,500 DNA.



Each Crew Template must be unlocked by using 3,000 DNA before it can be used. By default, each Crew Template comes with their standard skills and in this initial release of the Crew Collection System your objective will be to gather as full a roster of crew members as possible.

Legendary variant crew are desirable but confer no in-game bonus.

This collection process is not something that will happen quickly, and it is the most active players who will progress through this system fastest. Players should not expect to complete their collection for several months, and with new Crew Templates introduced regularly a “gotta catch ’em all” attitude may not be appropriate.

Instead, concentrate on developing a crew or variety of crews that work best for the ships you use most often. Your collection will grow as you play, no special effort will be required in order for this to happen.


Purchasable Packs

It is possible to acquire new crew templates using credits or Platinum for those who wish to do so.

The Drop Ship can be purchased for 134,850 credits or 245 Platinum and will contain a random Crew Template. There is a 5% chance that the Crew Template in question will be a Legendary variant.

The intention behind the Crew Collection system is to increase your attachment to the crew you have earned, unlocked and developed, giving you a clearer understanding of their potential benefits while encouraging more players to complete games.

As this is the first version of the Drop System players should expect changes in the future, some possibly more significant than others, but as with all changes of this kind we will ensure that any investment made by players is either refunded or otherwise compensated, as we feel is appropriate.

Future Developments

As a result of player feedback we have removed the previously described Training Programs and Affinity systems from the game in this first release. Once we have initial telemetry on the performance of the Drop System, and Crew Collection in particular two additions are planned:

Purchase missing Crew Templates

It will be possible to spend DNA to acquire Crew Templates that you are missing. The plan here is to use this system to allow players to pick up the final few crew members they are missing or to acquire a particular crew member that is important to their collection.

Develop Your Crew

With training programs a thing of the past, we’re still intending to allow players to improve their crew over time. This will be represented through collectable items referred to as Pins (a working title). Each pin will be of Attack, Defense, Utility or Chromatic (usable in any slot) type and will confer a small stacking boost to a crew member who has the appropriate slot available. An example to illustrate:

Captain Evan Sterling has one Attack, one Defense and one Utility slot available. Into the Attack slot, the player has added the “Veteran Loaders” Pin which gives Captain Sterling a 1% decrease in Weapon Cooldown time. Into his Defense slot, the player has added the “Boot Camp” Chromatic Pin which gives the captain a 1% bonus to all experience earned.

The above is purely for example purposes, it is possible that neither example Pin appears in the game in the future, but it should give you an idea of the intention behind the system.

The maximum impact that Pins will have should be the equivalent of one extra crew member on your ship, if all 5 of your crew have Pins in every available slot.

Pins can be removed from crew members at any point (except during a game) and reused elsewhere. While each crew member will have 3 slots, the slots available will vary – a Jump Core specialist may have two Utility slots, while a CAG has two Attack slots. You will be able to collect multiple copies of a single Pin can have the same one on every member of the crew if you wish, but you cannot have more than one of a single Pin in a single crew member. Pins will be available through the Drop System, and may be purchasable using DNA, credits or platinum – however that is still to be decided.

Pins will also mean that no difference will exist between standard play and ranked/competitive crews, since it will be possible to gain a full crew-set of Pins quickly. To that end, there will not be a separate competitive crew.

Please not that both the future systems described above are subject to further design and significant change, but they should represent an idea of how the Crew Collection system will evolve in the future.



May 12, 2016

Update Notes 12th May 2016

The latest update to Fractured Space is here, and it’s a huge one. With a slew of new features, two brand new ships and the debut of the new Crew system, this is a huge change to Fractured Space. See below for full patch notes.

New Ships

Zarek Industries Superlifter

The Superlifter is an agile support craft that can support allies at range while avoiding fights it cannot win. Its Tugboat Drones boost the speed of any ally they are applied to, and remain active until they are destroyed. Strong on offence for a support craft, the Superlifter does however suffer low survivability in combat. It is important for the ship to either win the battle quickly or to avoid encounters altogether.

Titan Defense Systems Paladin

The Paladin specializes in high-velocity projectiles, delivering radial blasts of repair energy to allies within its immediate area, making it a strong choice for tight formations, or to support teammates in cover. The Paladin also comes equipped with abilities to strip negative effects on allies, and positive effects from enemies, as well as boosting the defense of allied targets with its launch-bay solutions. With its speed, maneuverability and general low profile, the Paladin is a difficult target to track. This is vital, as the craft cannot withstand focused fire, and should take immediate evasive action when confronted.

New Features

New Crew Members

This update doubles the amount of crew available – adding 20 new crew to the new CCS system.

Proving Grounds

The Proving Grounds have undergone a replete rework. It now consists of a single mission that is more representative of the game itself.

Firing Range

This update brings the first instance of the Firing Range, a chance to ‘try before you buy’, and experiment with a ship’s abilities and loadouts without any pressure. Players are able to take a potential new purchase out into live fire exercises to evaluate a ship before making a decision.

Current Features

  • Full ship roster available to try, regardless of unlocks – when in level use F1 to switch to any ship and test it out
  • Spawn any ship as an enemy dummy target at a variety of ranges – try out your guns and get to know your optimum ranges
  • Jump Home to reset to your start position

We have a host of additional features planned for Firing Range that will let players test out the ships in real detail, but for now we hope the basic functionality of allowing you to jump into any ship and spawn any target to shoot will be a useful addition.

Missions and Medals

Missions and Medals will be included for the first time this month, bringing a new target for players to aim for. Rewards are awarded for various feats in-game, such as completing a certain number of missions, or taking down a certain number of enemy ships.

Drop System

The new drop system will make its debut, randomly gifting Experience and Credit boosters, Platinum and Credits currency drops as well as Introducing… a whole new way to earn and manage your crew members. For full details on the crew system, head here.

Fracturoids Extreme

A loading game that should be instantly familiar to retro game fans, this will display while the game is searching for a match.

New Sectors

New-look alternate sectors added to the game for Alpha, Beta, and Gamma.

New Skins / Legendary Ships

  • Azrael Reaper (Premium ship)
  • Orion Hunter (Premium ship)
  • Typhoon Displacer (Premium ship)
  • Athena Protector (Legendary ship)

Blind Pick / Drafting Screen

The blind pick/drafting screen has now returned with this update. With this comes new rules for picking ships; currently no more than two of any given ship are allowed per team (excluding starter ships). The crew you have selected for a ship in the hangar will now be used if you select that ship in drafting.

Known Issues

Crew Don’t have VO previews for new users

Firing Range

The ] Key is non functional.
Lighting is excessively bright.

On the end game screen the user has to click once in the window before being able to click “Continue” to go back to main menu.

Proving Grounds results screen always shows the user receiving XP and Credits, these are not awarded any time after the first play through. You can also use boosts on the screen, but it will not take any from your inventory

Resetting your default settings does not affect mouse sensitivity.

Temperemental issue where text in custom match and matchmaking lobbies will not appear.

Firing Range key config

Users of non-UK/US keyboards may find they need to redefine keys. This can be done by editing the file in the following location:


You are looking for the following section inside the textfile:






Map Updates

  • Integrated the new Gamma setup into the Proving Grounds


Home Base Sector

  • NEW Home Base Station featuring new Turret Generators
  • NEW Asteroid layout (less easy cover for attackers to use while backcapping, new towers added between jump points)
  • UPDATED Lighting tweaks

Gamma Sector

  • NEW Gamma Station (charging and buff release effects coming soon™)
  • NEW Gamma planet
  • NEW Lighting
  • NEW Asteroid layout (spirals of asteroids being pulled down into the planet less cover near station and between Jump Points, approach to Gamma more dangerous for short ranged ships)

Alpha/Beta Sectors

  • FIXED: Untargetable beacons fixed
  • NEW Variants – One new variant for Alpha and one for Beta has been added (early versions – haven’t had art support yet) Variants are temporarily randomised, each game of Conquest will have a 50% chance to feature each Alpha/Beta sector (Sector drafting coming soon™)
  • UPDATE Lighting tweaks to old Alpha


  • Frontline has been disabled for the time being as it requires further support

Ship Changes


  • Graviton Anchor now prevents a cloak ship from re-entering cloak once hit with the Graviton Anchor

Black Widow

  • Black Widow has had its Sparrow hawk Missiles turned into dumb-fire rockets, complete with accuracy settings and a reduced re-fire rate from 0.2s to 0.1s
  • Removed launch time functionality as it obfuscates the skill shot
  • Placed twelve turrets on the ship for complete coverage
  • Black Widow Flak Re-fire/Cooldown increased from 0.1s to 0.121s. DPS remains as it was by increasing damage to player ships from 8 to 10ppd
  • Amor damage increased from 50 to 60
  • Missile damage brought in line to 12
  • Flak Defense now changed to the American spelling


  • Fixed Brawler underneath armor from not having any reduction. Was 1 now 0.75
  • Reduced the accuracy of the Auto Thumper
  • Thumper Blast now using the correct damage falloff curve
  • Fixed issue with Brawler Legendary Harpoon having more health than original. Was 200hp now 180hp.


  • Photonic Charges DPS brought down to Flak level of 140
  • Photonic Charges Armor damage per hit reduced from 120 to 70. This is still more effective than Flak due to greater accuracy
  • Increased Photonic Charges damage to Small Ships from 17 to 20, bringing it on par with Flak
  • Decreased the damage Flak does to missiles from 51 to 10 per projectile
  • Disable cooldown increased from 26s base to 36s.– Colossus Flak now does less damage to small ships (fighters/drones), this was achieved by making the following changes:
  • Re-fire/Cooldown increased from 0.1s to 0.121s. DPS remains as it was by increasing damage to player ships from 14 to 17ppd, Armor damage increased from 100 to 120 and missiles from 10 to 12.


  • Increased the Destroyer’s Heavy Artillery Cannon projectile speed from 6000 to 6500
  • Increased the Destroyer’s Artillery Cannon projectile speed from 6250 to 6750
  • Increased the Destroyer’s Light Artillery Cannon projectile speed from 6500 to 7000
  • Increased Base Accuracy from 1 degree to 0.8
  • Destroyer’s Heavy Artillery Range was 24,936 rather than 24,996
  • Corrected the default hull on the Destroyer as it had erroneously been set to legendary as default


  • Displacer flight model Max reverse thrust speed increased from 210 to 285
  • Tweaked the damage curve of the Linear Cannon from -80% DPS to -65% DPS. The optimal window has increased so its effective range is 9000 – 13000k and has a more gradual falloff afterwards
  • Repulse cooldown (and variants) decreased from 45s to 35s
  • Displace is more energy efficient, depleting 200 energy per second from 275 (variants adjusted accordingly)
  • Displacer Linear Cannon PPD decreased from 130 to 120
  • Displacer Linear Autocannon PPD decreased from 95 to 88
  • Displacer Linear Sabot PPD decreased from 170 to 158
  • Displacer Repulse AoE Cooldown decreased from 42s to 35s
  • Turrets re-ordered so they do not clip the ship mesh
  • Orange thrusters have been applied on the Type-G Displacer skin variant


  • Disruptor Detect Slow and Light Detect Slow radius reduced to 7,500m (down from 10,000m)
  • New loadout option: Heavy Detect Slow replaced with Slow Pulse that is slows enemies within a 10,000m radius


  • Size of Cap Mod variants normalised to 3,000m
  • Enforcer Cap Mod Buoy buff and de-buff on allies and enemy are respectively reduced from 50% to 25%
  • Enforcer Raid Variant specialises in the allied capture rate only. Was +65% to allies and -35% to enemies, now +40% to allies only
  • Enforcer Guard Variant specialises in the de-buffing enemy capture rate only. Was -65% to enemies and +35% to allies, now -40% to enemies only
  • Enforcer’s Blink 2 Target range decreased from 7,500m to 6,500m
  • Enforcer’s Blink 2 Target cooldown increased from 20s to 30s
  • Enforcer Taser Beams converted to a projectile based weapon. Range is constant at 12,000m with the projectile speed firing the same amount with time to live for 1s
  • Fixed the different boost cooldowns and durations caused by copy-pasted blueprints instead of inherited ones
  • Guard Buoy no longer states “BoostCapture” on the user as it no longer boosts the cap rate
  • Raid Buoy no longer states “Slow Capture” on the enemy as it no longer decreases the cap rate
  • Enforcer Legendary Blink To Target set to 6,500, bringing it in-line with other types


  • Accuracy on the Ghost’s Rockets (and variants) improved by decreasing the Base Accuracy Degrees from 1 degree to 0.8 with the Worse Accuracy Degrees from 2 to 1.8
  • Ghost and Enforcer no longer share the same Blink2Target blueprint. Ghost variant allows 7,500m jump distance and 20s cooldown as normal
  • Phantom Ghost now uses the same blink to target blueprint as the stock Ghost


  • Increased the Gladiator’s primary turret pitch by + and – 5 degrees. Was 30 now 35
  • Gladiator’s Javelin Missile health on the decreased from 180 to 150
  • Fixed issue with the Gladiator’s Heavy Gladius Cannon firing further than it should. Had a range of 18,000m instead of 15,000m


  • Inconsistent Heavy Shell Thrower range from the other loadouts. Brought the range and speed of the Heavy and Light variants in-line with stock loadout. Was 10,000*0.92s, now 12,000*0.8s.
  • Fixed Infiltrator’s Burst Slug Thrower matching stock DPS
  • Added visual improvements to the ship mesh


  • Brought down the Interceptor’s Concussion Missile damage from 140 per projectile to 130
  • Reduced Interceptor’s Concussion Missiles health from 150 to 140


  • Leviathan Tempest Cannon and variants have a reduced yaw and strafe penalty. Was a -0.6 multiplier, now -0.4.
  • Tempest Cannon was triggering Slow status effect Voice Over for the player firing the weapon, this has been removed
  • Leviathan’s Spawn Jump Point now requires a hold to activate/deactivate to prevent accidental presses. Hold set for 0.4s
  • Fix for Leviathan Tempest Cannons (and all variants) continuing to fire if you press then let go of the fire button very quickly


  • Inconsistent Heavy Shell Thrower range from the other loadouts. Brought the range and speed of the Heavy and Light variants in-line with stock loadout. Was 10,000*0.92s, now 12,000*0.8s.
  • Overseer turrets should now fire in more appropriate configurations


  • Pioneer Void Charges damage to Small Ships decreased from 7 to 6ppd
  • Heavy Void Charges decreased from 9 to 8ppd
  • Pioneer’s Light Detect Buoy was referencing the stock loadout
  • Orange thrusters have been applied on the Type-G Pioneer skin variant


  • Heavy and Light variants of the Rail Repeater have had their accuracy and projectile speed normalized
  • Fusion Charge and variants no longer self-concuss or prevent firing
  • Persecutor Conserved Mag Blink warmup animation now matches the ability warmup time
  • Persecutor’s Fission and Neutron Charge loadout options now set as weapons instead of abilities


  • Protector’s Heal Beam and Heal Pulse range reduced from 20,000m to 17,500m
  • Protector’s Near Beam range increased from 3,000m to 5,500m
  • Lowered the Torpedo’s health from 115 to 95 as it was bypassing Point Defense more often than not
  • Corrected the default hull on the Protector as it had been erroneously set to legendary as default


  • Fixed the Legendary Raider’s heavy beam cutting off prematurely
  • Raider’s Screen now requires a hold to activate/deactivate to prevent accidental presses. Hold set for 0.4s
  • Raider’s Prox Grenades can now damage forward station beacons


  • Accuracy of the Ranger’s primary weapon has now been improved, base inaccuracy was 1.4, now it’s 1.1
  • Ranger Detect Slow and Light Detect Slow radius reduced to 7,500m (down from 10,000m)
  • New loadout option: Heavy Detect Slow replaced with Slow Pulse that is slows enemies within a 10,000m radius (to compensate for Detect Slow changes)
  • Ranger’s Shutdown and Repair now requires a hold to activate/deactivate to prevent accidental presses. Hold set for 0.4s


  • Raven Drain / Recharge AoE size decreased from 3500m to 2000m – giving it the size of a mining station cap sphere
  • Raven’s Drain / Recharge weapon no longer uncloaks stealth ships
  • Updated Raven’s fighters so they actually do damage (Previously they weren’t doing anything). They remain weaker and less dangerous than other fighters (Using the values that were originally there).
  • Updated Raven’s drain/recharge description to properly reflect what it does
  • Raven left-hand turret has been reviewed and should fire more often now
  • Reducing Raven’s attack range on Primary and Secondary Weapons
  • Primary: Range was 15,000m (10,000m/s for 1.5s) for all variants of Primary – this is now 13,000m (10,000m/s for 1.3s) Secondary: Overcharge Beam had a 20km range with damage falloff starting at 15km – range has now been reduced to 15km with no falloff


  • Fixed issue with the Reaper’s Light Cannon having a slower refire rate than cooldown. Both have now been set to 0.166


  • Made Sentinel flight model to have slightly more inertia to bring it a more in line with other TDS ships
  • Sentinel Rail Rockets and variants base accuracy increased so they are easier to land


  • Condensed the Venturer’s Falcon Missiles damage over 15 seconds to 3 seconds. Falcon Missiles now do 20dmg every 0.5 for 3s instead of 8 damage every 1 second for 12 seconds.
  • Fixed incorrect visual effect sizes for Venturer shielding buoy variants
  • Venturer Heal/Repair Pulse Armour duration lowered from 2.5 to 2.1
  • Venturer Heal/Repair Pulse Expanse Armour duration lowered from 2.5 to 2.1
  • Venturer Heal/Repair Barrage Armour duration lowered from 2.5 to 2


  • Blink Buoy deployment now requires a 0.4s hold to activate (to help prevent accidental activation)

General Changes

Players can now remain on the server for a further minute after a match has ended, allowing more time for chat.

Server-side validation has now been added to the game. This is to prevent exploits that were possible with crew and using ships/loadouts/skins that you don’t own or otherwise shouldn’t be possible to use.

If fewer than ten players make it to the drafting screen (due to connection issues etc) then all players will be moved back to the matchmaking queue, rather than starting a game with an incomplete roster.

Fixed issue where the first person to join the server would sometimes not have a team assigned.

Fixed numerous issues related to crashes on joining/rejoining games.

A number of ship abilities now require you to hold the button for a short time to activate. This is to prevent accidental activation of these abilities.

Pressing R when drones/fighters are on another ship will now order them to affect/defend your ship, rather than causing them to go on cooldown. Pressing R for a second time will recall them and put them on cooldown.

Drones that are on a ship that jumps to another sector will now return to /affect your ship, rather than going on cooldown (unless they’re a purely offensive drone that cannot defend/affect your ship).



May 26, 2016

Patch Notes – 26 May 2016

We’ve just rolled out a new update for Fractured Space, with a host of optimisation and quality-of-life changes. With several ship alterations also in place, there’s plenty to take in. See the full patch notes below.



  • Daily Missions now restart at 06:00 UTC instead of 00:00 UTC.
  • Made tweaks to the Lobby text to improve new user experience.
  • Added a link to your Inventory from your Profile.
  • Added a link to your Inventory from the Barracks page.
  • Removed mention of Frontline when reaching level 5 as it’s disabled until it has been fixed.
  • Tidied up all the page side menus to give consistent spacing and an improved look of the inventory button.
  • Optimisation pass – most newer visual effects have had their indirect lighting set to off.
  • Optimised settings on all planet, atmosphere, sun and moon blueprints (collision off, shadows off wherever found), optimised LOD distances on newer asteroids.
  • Proving Grounds: – Added lava planet to gamma and set up atmosphere rings.
  • Drafting: – Quitting drafting now counts as a game loss.
  • Server name and ping is now also displayed during drafting.
  • The game will now display Matchmaking system messages every 30 seconds to give users a bit more feedback of what is going on behind the scenes.
  • Added a new loading tip to the game. This tip details the shipyard.
  • Added sounds for medals being awarded on the results screen.
  • Changed Drop Ships to Supply Ships in the Store to avoid confusion with the Drop Pods.

General Fixes

  • Fixed the cursor not appearing in main menu.
  • Fixed an issue where the Results Screen would sometimes not appear.
  • Added a fix for servers shutting down before they’ve finished writing essential fireline data (match results etc).
  • Fixed a Coherent issue where a news hub would cause entire screen to blank out when scrolled.
  • Boosted the booster sounds which weren’t cutting through results screen music.
  • Removed some invalid VO statements from VO data that would cause failed event triggers.
  • Added a change to prevent the crew image background clipping outside of frame.
  • Potential fix for USR decals down-resing.
  • Fixed an issue where game menu can appear underneath drafting.
  • Fixed an issue where the scoreboard (default key: Tab) would show on jump map (default key: Shift).
  • Fixed an issue where the highlighter appeared too early in the Proving Grounds flow on the results screen which was allowing players to click the boost button before they were supposed to. This trapped players in the results screen.
  • Match Warm Up: – A message box will notify if the player has returned to the Frontend after a match in warmup has not started.
  • Adding a performance enhancing feature to two materials in the game which are most likely to overdraw – the explosion and smoke material. The logic added has a camera fade and a function so that when the opacity reaches zero the sprites are shifted up 50k in world space.
  • Added a change to stop a previously opened pack from flashing up before new pack is opened if it takes a while for the pack data to come back.

Known Issues

  • On a fresh install for a player who has completed the Proving Grounds you must select a ship before entering matchmaking. If there is no ship in the hanger your client will not connect to the server.

Ship Changes

Azrael Reaper

  • Added a quality-switch material so that we can render missile trails only on ‘low’ settings. Added it to the Raven premium missile used by the Azrael as proof-of-concept.


  • Fix for Disruptor hull causing crashes sometimes (most commonly in the menus).


  • Fixed missing Guardian impact VFX on low quality setting.


  • Point Defence VFX and SFX will now play when Paladin is directly above an enemy ship.
  • Removed Paladin’s Purge Torpedo’s ability to purge Heal Over Time status.


  • Moved the Raider back down one column to correct Shipyard placement after insertion of the Superlifter.


  • Alternative variant sound for Superlifters Disable Engines AOE.
  • Increased the Superlifter Heal Buoy Health from 50 to 100hp.


Fractured Space Free to Play Trailer 2016