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Time for the Trident Challenge

This weekend hails the debut of our multi-challenge events. The Trident Challenge gives you three options you can choose to complete. We’ve even added an extra day to the event to give you a better opportunity to do all three. 10 Wins earns a Captain Crew Pod (when opened you will receive a random non-Legendary […]

USR in the spotlight

Time to take that Pioneer or Colossus (or Destroyer or Displacer) into battle this weekend, and work your way to earning three Gold Drop Pods. In fact any USR ship – or ships – will work. All you need to do is finish five games between 5pm UTC Thu April 20th and 5pm UTC Monday […]

Three ways to get rewards every day

A change to the way Drop Pods are awarded means Bronze, Silver and Gold Drop Pods will now be awarded for one, three and six games respectively (formerly two, four and six games). These will be awarded for games played in a set 24 hour period, as before. You are also awarded double basic credits […]

Gold Rush Implants Weekend

If you are looking for crew implants, then you might want to open up your Gold and Silver drop pods this weekend. From 6pm UTC on Thu 30th March to 6pm UTC on Mon 3 April, any Gold Drop Pod opened will give you two random implants. Any Silver Drop Pod opened will give you […]

Jingles Returns

In the very early days of Fractured Space Early Access – May 2015 – a new captain strode onto the bridge: The Mighty Jingles. Available only to those who played over that weekend, this Legendary crew member has been unavailable to other players. Until now. If you play between 14 February 2017 and 21 February […]