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Prepare for Punishment – New Ship Reveal

Greetings Captains, Today we bring word of a new Ship that will be joining the current roster of Ships, the Zarek Punisher. The Zarek Punisher is a medium attack ship with a variety of anti-cloak and defensive tools. These tools allow it to survive and deter cloakers from ambushing the Punisher, whilst reducing their ability to […]

Changes To The Ultimate Skins Pack

Greetings Captains, In the very-close-to-launching patch, there will be several changes to the current Ultimate Skins Pack that we sell via the Steam Store. The following will be added to the pack: Colossus Charon Ultimate Skin Raider Akula Ultimate Skin Gladiator Mimas Ultimate Skin Gladiator Calypso Ultimate Skin Colossus Ship Raider Ship Gladiator Ship The […]

USR Weekend: 25th Jan – 29th Jan

Greetings Captains, You may recall last week we initiated a USR Weekend briefly, due to unforeseen errors in the Engineering Bay this event did not activate successfully. After a routine check-up, Elvy has given us the all clear to prep the engines for another run this weekend. Starting at 1800 UTC on the 25th January […]

Winter World Games 2017

  Greeting Captains, Today we are releasing a new set of World Skins in preparation for the Winter World Games 2017 event that will begin today. Each unique World Games Skin you fly in-game will count as an entry into our competition where we will give away five of the Ultimate Skin Bundles (worth $100). We […]

Incoming Changes to Select Skins and Bundles

Greetings Captains, In our upcoming Phase 4 update, there will be several changes to some currently available skins. With the next update, the following skins will no longer be purchasable and will only be available through the new Drop Pods: Hera Reaper Raven Persecutor Leviathan Basilisk Interceptor Sentinel Executioner Paladin Equalizer Protector Kepler Paragon Gladiator […]

Phase 1.5 Update Notes

Key Features The following update notes relate to Phase 1.5 of Fractured Space and primarily detail the new Zarek Centurion, additional co-op and solo options, and a whole host of balance changes and fixes. Zarek Centurion With its colossal projected force field that can shield itself and allies against most enemy attacks, the Zarek Centurion […]

Phase One Update Notes

Key Features With Phase One we have added a two new ways to begin your journey in Fractured Space. Additional Training Modes have been added that will pit you against our new AI Captains. Solo versus AI Captains In this mode you have a fleet of four AI Captains backing you up while you take […]

Changes in Store Pricing

As part of the Alpha 18 update we are making a few changes to the store to aid players in understanding what they’re deciding to buy. The first change is in terms of Platinum. For those players who choose to use Platinum we are removing the 25,000 ($99.99) pack temporarily, adding a new $9.99 (2,200 […]

USR Neso Skins In-store now

Coming to the Fractured Space store today, the USR Neso skins are available for each ship in the manufacturer’s line. Here’s USR Ship designer Hans, aka Milennia, on the thought process behind the new skins.