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Fraction Space : Ship Win Rates, January 2017

The following is the breakdown of ship win rates and the number of games they’ve been used in for January 2017. Results count PVP games only, and it should be noted that the Pioneer, Venturer and Enforcer are given to new players early in the game so their results are heavily skewed. Beyond that point […]

Phase 2 Drop Pod Rates

Following several adjustments to Drop Pods since the release of Phase 2, below is the current rate for each item currently included in Drop Pods. These are subject to change but we will give as much notice as possible if further adjustments are made. There are currently no revisions intended for Drop Pods before January […]

Crew Implants

The introduction of Crew Implants will dramatically change how you use your crew, and we’re really excited to see how you guys use them on different ships and crew members. The Crew Implants are going to give you more control over how your ship fights, with almost 30 Implants ready to go, and many more […]

Fraction Space : Ship Win Rates, November 2016

Everyone likes knowing whether their chosen ship is among the highest or lowest performing. To that end here are the, occasionally surprising ship win rates for the past 30 days. Rank Ship Wins Games played Win rate 1 Venturer 15,298 23,638 64.7 2 Gladiator 5,776 9,109 63.4 3 Centurion 3,531 5,664 62.3 4 Superlifter 3,949 […]