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Last Stand – Coming March 2018

Greetings Captains, Last night on Twitch, we revealed the new mode that will be coming to Fractured Space in our end of March update, Last Stand, and the in-game backstory of how it came to exist in the world of Fractured Space. Last Stand is a PvE mode where you and two other Captains will […]

Prepare for Punishment – New Ship Reveal

Greetings Captains, Today we bring word of a new Ship that will be joining theĀ current roster of Ships, the Zarek Punisher. The Zarek Punisher is a medium attack ship with a variety of anti-cloak and defensive tools. These tools allow it to survive and deter cloakers from ambushing the Punisher, whilst reducing their ability to […]

The Art of Optimization

  Refinement, improvement and optimization have been some of the core tenets of Fractured Space and its ongoing development. Whilst it is possible to get tunnel vision and focus on adding new features and changes to the game to improve the core experience, it’s beneficial to not leave behind any aspect which could be worked […]

Fraction Space : Ship Win Rates, January 2017

The following is the breakdown of ship win rates and the number of games they’ve been used in for January 2017. Results count PVP games only, and it should be noted that the Pioneer, Venturer and Enforcer are given to new players early in the game so their results are heavily skewed. Beyond that point […]

Fraction Space : Ship Win Rates, November 2016

Everyone likes knowing whether their chosen ship is among the highest or lowest performing. To that end here are the, occasionally surprising ship win rates for the past 30 days. Rank Ship Wins Games played Win rate 1 Venturer 15,298 23,638 64.7 2 Gladiator 5,776 9,109 63.4 3 Centurion 3,531 5,664 62.3 4 Superlifter 3,949 […]

Forthcoming Tech Tree Update

In the next major game update for Fractured Space we are significantly changing the way in which Captains acquire new ships. The shipyard tech tree is being scrapped in favour of a brand new system that does away with manufacturer XP and allows players to acquire the ships they want in the order they want […]