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This section is where we put official reviews of Fractured Space. There are links in each of the posts below to the full review on their respective websites.

Eurogamer Review

More distinct is that the game offers a singular and varied pace, with ships moving relatively slowly within zones, but that are able to leap between sectors almost instantly. Thus it is that while pitched battles are frequent and can evolve into quite intricate interplays of ship positioning, skill timers and players leading their targets, […]

Game-Refraction Review

The graphics in Fractured Space are well done. Designed with great looking ships, Fractured Space doesn’t disappoint with amazing visually stunning ship, shadows and textures. You can’t help but turn the visual details up while you play just so you can see all the ships in their glory, usually at the cost of hearing your […]

GodIsAGeek Review

There are plenty of ships to choose from, each with a rating for its attack, defence and utility (how it can support or heal your fellow ships). Some provide fantastic support like the Disruptor, whereas others have a strong attack with a respectable defence like the Reaper (my original ship of choice). On top of […]

Rock Paper Shotgun Review

Once I had three ships firing at me and pursuing me as I scuttled as quickly as possible to the shelter of a nearby asteroid. With only a sliver of health left I activated the ships ‘decoy’ skill, leaving a false version of my own ship hiding in an alcove of the space rock. I […]

PC Gamer Review

My starboard guns flak guns open up with a sound like the drums from the Battlestar Galactica intro. The Sentinel cracks apart under the pressure before exploding in a shockwave of orange flame. I’ve either just saved the day or warped across space and time to steal somebody’s kill, depending on who you ask. An […]