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Articles relating to Fractured Space players as individuals.

Weekly MVP’s – 21st April 2017

Welcome to a new weekly post regarding Fractured Space’s most valuable players. Each week we will be highlighting the Top 25 players from 3 groups with the top of each group becoming “The Real MVP’s”: Challenger: Levels 0 – 20 Rising Star: Levels 21 – 70 Veteran: Levels 70+ To be eligible for the weekly […]

Super Space Bowl XLXX Final Results

Yesterday (13th Feb) saw the conclusion of the Super Space Bowl XLXX. It was a tremendous endeavor by both sides, slogging it out to score their touchdowns to achieve victory and secure their 3 crew pods. If you missed the event, teams were split into two, USA versus the Rest of the World (RoW). Touchdowns […]


Fractured Space Champions are players the community have recognised as upholding very high levels of sportsmanship, fair play and good humour. Every two weeks we will review the highest reviewed players, according to the end of game voting, and providing they meet all the criteria we’d expect of an ambassador for the game award these […]