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Fractured Space Phase 3 Update Notes

The Phase 3 update for Fractured Space, subtitled “Action Stations” overhauls some of the core aspects of the game enhancing the amount of combat you will experience. The additional of small scale mining ships adds to the strategic variety in a single match, while decreased respawn times and the ability to immediately jump to the […]

Conquest 2.0 Overview

Conquest 2.0 is faster paced and more action-packed. The map is tighter – objectives and jump points are a little closer to get you into combat faster, respawn times have been reduced, it’s easier to attack but also easier to defend. Sector Updates Asteroid Setups All Alpha/Beta sectors have been reworked and asteroid layouts are […]

Phase 2 Drop Pod Rates

Following several adjustments to Drop Pods since the release of Phase 2, below is the current rate for each item currently included in Drop Pods. These are subject to change but we will give as much notice as possible if further adjustments are made. There are currently no revisions intended for Drop Pods before January […]

Phase 2 Update Notes

The Phase 2 update for Fractured Space is focused on introducing new players to the game in a faster, more exciting, more accessible and more rewarding fashion while making big changes to some of the core features aimed at more veteran players. New Features TDS Aegis Difficulty: Medium Length: 1,664m Crew: 6,981 Base Hull Strength: […]

Phase 1.5 Update Notes

Key Features The following update notes relate to Phase 1.5 of Fractured Space and primarily detail the new Zarek Centurion, additional co-op and solo options, and a whole host of balance changes and fixes. Zarek Centurion With its colossal projected force field that can shield itself and allies against most enemy attacks, the Zarek Centurion […]

Phase One Update Notes

Key Features With Phase One we have added a two new ways to begin your journey in Fractured Space. Additional Training Modes have been added that will pit you against our new AI Captains. Solo versus AI Captains In this mode you have a fleet of four AI Captains backing you up while you take […]

Alpha 18 Update Notes

New Features TDS Executioner Difficulty: Hard Length: 806m Crew: 4,856 Base Hull Strength: 9,000 Initial Max Speed: 550 The Executioner is a flexible craft that revolves around its high-yield Gauss Cannon and mobility solutions despite is native slow engine speed and attack frequency. The craft fits the close-quarter hit-and-run archetype with its versatile and extendable […]

Alpha 17.1 Patch Notes

Bug Fixes Hunter: – Hunter’s Light and Heavy Cannons have their falloff at maximum range normalized to 0.85, bringing them in-line with stock solution, (were 0.8 and 0.9 respectively) Persecutor: – Persecutor’s Fusion Charge now uses Turret lead as its aiming method. – Persecutor’s Slow Pulse set correctly to 5,000 radius Basilisk: – Fixed point […]

Alpha 17 Update Notes

Known Issues – When you have earned a Drop Pod at the end of a match the Lobby overlay will obscure the collection button when you return to the front end. We hope to have this resolved as soon as possible. Your collected Drop Pods will be available for use from your inventory. – Previous […]

Alpha 17 Update Incoming

Next week we will be releasing the Alpha 17 update for Fractured Space. This update has been a long time coming and includes two major improvements to the game: upgrading the game to Unreal Engine 4.11, and a complete overhaul of the way in which players acquire new ships. The move to Unreal Engine 4.11 […]