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Hotfix – 22nd March 2018

Fixed Overseer’s Slow Torpedo purging other status effects. Included an improved fix for the disarm issue. Fixed Gladiator’s Emplace and other similar debuff-immune abilities behind disabled by ability disables/disarms. Black Widow Plasma Missiles now apply plasma DoT to misc objects such as buoys. Punisher Cannon was dealing 6 Squadron damage per projectile. This has now […]

Hotfix Notes – March 7th 2018

The Heavy Bundle is now correctly classed as a dynamic bundle. Fixed Mesh Quality settings, so they correctly apply. Fixed Resolution Scaling issues that were causing the Hangar/Game to look blurry (affected players will need to change their scaling value in game to the default 1x). Turned off Particle Storms from appearing in Conquest for […]

The Punisher – February Patch Notes

  The Zarek Punisher The Punisher is a Medium Attack ship with a variety of anti-cloak and defensive tools. This vessel is capable of putting up a good fight against the likes of the Ghost and Basilisk, but remember, it’s not an instant win. If a cloaker gets the drop on you first, you’ll need […]

Client Hotfix – 8th Feb 2018

Fixed All-Stars Badge appearing incorrectly with unformatted html codes Fixed a couple of layout issues with badges Corrected spacing error on medal layout. Fixed an issue where first time the user presses TAB to open the scoreboard/map, the scoreboard isn’t shown Parented numbers to the buttons on ship animation load screens to fix layout issues […]

“January” Hotfix 1 – 3rd Feb 2018

Fixed an issue caused by reclassification of Founder Status from “inventory items” to “Badges” at run-time which resulted in the Founder Status being ignored for post-match credit bonuses. You should now receive the correct post-match credit bonuses associated with your Founder Status, even if that Badge is not equipped during the match. Removed new acceleration […]

“January” Patch – 1st Feb 2018

Greetings Captains, The “January” Patch is here…in February. We are preparing the servers now for the patch rollout and hope to be up as soon as possible, in the meantime, let’s take a look at the changes. New Weekly Leaderboards v1 Within your Profile, for this patch, we have included a new feature, Leaderboards. Applicable […]

Fractured Space Festivities!

Greetings Captains, With the release of the December update we have introduced some Festive Delights within Fractured Space! Festive Scenario Gamma has completely changed for one whole week, instead of capturing Gamma you will now face off against an A.I controlled destroyer within the new Omega Sector, piloted by a malfunctioning Rut0lf. The team who […]

Fractured Space Phase 3 Update Notes

The Phase 3 update for Fractured Space, subtitled “Action Stations” overhauls some of the core aspects of the game enhancing the amount of combat you will experience. The additional of small scale mining ships adds to the strategic variety in a single match, while decreased respawn times and the ability to immediately jump to the […]

Conquest 2.0 Overview

Conquest 2.0 is faster paced and more action-packed. The map is tighter – objectives and jump points are a little closer to get you into combat faster, respawn times have been reduced, it’s easier to attack but also easier to defend. Sector Updates Asteroid Setups All Alpha/Beta sectors have been reworked and asteroid layouts are […]

Phase 2 Drop Pod Rates

Following several adjustments to Drop Pods since the release of Phase 2, below is the current rate for each item currently included in Drop Pods. These are subject to change but we will give as much notice as possible if further adjustments are made. There are currently no revisions intended for Drop Pods before January […]