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Conquest 2.1

For the past month we have been gathering player feedback and analyzing game data in order to determine how to move forward with Conquest. The community have been extremely helpful in providing insightful feedback, and we’ve been able to use this to reduce the pace of the game mode slightly, while keeping in the new […]

On Deck – 6th April 2017

Greeting Captains, Welcome to On-Deck. In this article we will be discussing the upcoming features and changes for Fractured Space. More information regarding the features will be revealed nearer the time of their release. The items listed in this article are still in development and are subject to change. USR Endeavor The USR Endeavor is […]

What’s On Deck for Phase 3?

The upcoming Phase 3 release of Fractured Space adds significant improvements to the way the game is played. In this On Deck we’ll reveal the new features and upgrades you should expect in Phase 3 ahead of more in depth information that will be released in the next few weeks. Crew Experience Crew members will […]

Forthcoming Tech Tree Update

In the next major game update for Fractured Space we are significantly changing the way in which Captains acquire new ships. The shipyard tech tree is being scrapped in favour of a brand new system that does away with manufacturer XP and allows players to acquire the ships they want in the order they want […]