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Weekly MVP’s – 21st April 2017

Welcome to a new weekly post regarding Fractured Space’s most valuable players. Each week we will be highlighting the Top 25 players from 3 groups with the top of each group becoming “The Real MVP’s”: Challenger: Levels 0 – 20 Rising Star: Levels 21 – 70 Veteran: Levels 70+ To be eligible for the weekly […]

Gamma Time

Head to Gamma and you could earn yourself two exclusive skins. We’re going to track the number of times Gamma Sector is captured between 5pm UTC Thursday Apr 13th and 5pm UTC Monday Apr 17th. If we hit 10,000 – in co-op or PvP – anyone who captured Gamma will receive an exclusive USR Pioneer […]

Conquest 2.1

For the past month we have been gathering player feedback and analyzing game data in order to determine how to move forward with Conquest. The community have been extremely helpful in providing insightful feedback, and we’ve been able to use this to reduce the pace of the game mode slightly, while keeping in the new […]

On Deck – 6th April 2017

Greeting Captains, Welcome to On-Deck. In this article we will be discussing the upcoming features and changes for Fractured Space. More information regarding the features will be revealed nearer the time of their release. The items listed in this article are still in development and are subject to change. USR Endeavor The USR Endeavor is […]

Gold Rush Implants Weekend

If you are looking for crew implants, then you might want to open up your Gold and Silver drop pods this weekend. From 6pm UTC on Thu 30th March to 6pm UTC on Mon 3 April, any Gold Drop Pod opened will give you two random implants. Any Silver Drop Pod opened will give you […]

Double Credits and XP weekend

It’s Fractured Space’s first Double Earnings Weekend – double credits and double XP – which will rank your crew up quicker – are planned for any match played from 10am UTC Friday 17th to 10am UTC Monday 20th. All basic level of credits earned in every match will be doubled – so a credit booster […]

Fractured Space Phase 3 Update Notes

The Phase 3 update for Fractured Space, subtitled “Action Stations” overhauls some of the core aspects of the game enhancing the amount of combat you will experience. The additional of small scale mining ships adds to the strategic variety in a single match, while decreased respawn times and the ability to immediately jump to the […]

Conquest 2.0 Overview

Conquest 2.0 is faster paced and more action-packed. The map is tighter – objectives and jump points are a little closer to get you into combat faster, respawn times have been reduced, it’s easier to attack but also easier to defend. Sector Updates Asteroid Setups All Alpha/Beta sectors have been reworked and asteroid layouts are […]

The Art of Optimization

  Refinement, improvement and optimization have been some of the core tenets of Fractured Space and its ongoing development. Whilst it is possible to get tunnel vision and focus on adding new features and changes to the game to improve the core experience, it’s beneficial to not leave behind any aspect which could be worked […]

Super Space Bowl XLXX Final Results

Yesterday (13th Feb) saw the conclusion of the Super Space Bowl XLXX. It was a tremendous endeavor by both sides, slogging it out to score their touchdowns to achieve victory and secure their 3 crew pods. If you missed the event, teams were split into two, USA versus the Rest of the World (RoW). Touchdowns […]