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Last Stand Update Progress – 12th April

Greetings Captains, The team are still busy at work getting the finishing touches on the Last Stand Update for you all to enjoy next week, but I wanted to take this opportunity to fill you in on the progress of the update and some changes to our intended plans. Due to unforeseen circumstances, one of […]

Last Stand – One Week Later

Greetings Captains, We have just been informed internally that the update containing Last Stand which was previously touted for an 11th April release is now set to release on the 18th April instead. While we made every effort to stay on track for the adjusted date, we were unfortunately let down by an external contractor […]

Last Stand: Before The Swarm & More – 29th March 2018

Pre-Release Event – Last Stand: Before The Swarm 2683. Pr0venance has fallen. Deity-level AI have created the Swarm – AI whose sole aim is to take control of enemy Capital Ships and use them to clear out every colony within a 50-light-year radius No more than 8-light-years away, TDS controlled system ‘Lugou Bridge’, named for […]

Hotfix – 22nd March 2018

Fixed Overseer’s Slow Torpedo purging other status effects. Included an improved fix for the disarm issue. Fixed Gladiator’s Emplace and other similar debuff-immune abilities behind disabled by ability disables/disarms. Black Widow Plasma Missiles now apply plasma DoT to misc objects such as buoys. Punisher Cannon was dealing 6 Squadron damage per projectile. This has now […]

Information about the March Update

Greetings Captains, In the later stages of last week, it was decided that to ensure the best possible update for March and the inclusion of the Last Stand mode, that we move the arrival date from the end of March to the middle of April. We sincerely apologize for this delay and hope you will understand that we […]

Hotfix Notes – March 7th 2018

The Heavy Bundle is now correctly classed as a dynamic bundle. Fixed Mesh Quality settings, so they correctly apply. Fixed Resolution Scaling issues that were causing the Hangar/Game to look blurry (affected players will need to change their scaling value in game to the default 1x). Turned off Particle Storms from appearing in Conquest for […]

The Punisher – February Patch Notes

  The Zarek Punisher The Punisher is a Medium Attack ship with a variety of anti-cloak and defensive tools. This vessel is capable of putting up a good fight against the likes of the Ghost and Basilisk, but remember, it’s not an instant win. If a cloaker gets the drop on you first, you’ll need […]

Last Stand – Coming March 2018

Greetings Captains, Last night on Twitch, we revealed the new mode that will be coming to Fractured Space in our end of March update, Last Stand, and the in-game backstory of how it came to exist in the world of Fractured Space. Last Stand is a PvE mode where you and two other Captains will […]

Prepare for Punishment – New Ship Reveal

Greetings Captains, Today we bring word of a new Ship that will be joining the current roster of Ships, the Zarek Punisher. The Zarek Punisher is a medium attack ship with a variety of anti-cloak and defensive tools. These tools allow it to survive and deter cloakers from ambushing the Punisher, whilst reducing their ability to […]

Lunar New Year: Year of the Dog – 15th Feb – 19th Feb

Greetings Captains, Starting Thursday 15th Feb 1800 UTC, work together as a team to Takedown 120,000 enemy ships and earn yourselves the limited Five Star Red skins for the TDS Leviathan and the TDS Protector. As a community, if you gather 60,000 Takedowns before Monday 19th Feb 1800 UTC you will earn yourselves the TDS […]