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FSL Season 1 : Day 12 update

Into the final day of the first Fractured Space Ladder season and 3 more games have been completed with a round-robin between KSIII, Neutron Cowgirls and Heals OP. Neutron Cowgirls took the top spot on the ladder after an early win against Heals OP. Their tenure in first was shortlived as HOP played their second […]

FSL Season 1 : Day 10 update

After a quiet few days it looks like the competition is picking up speed with 4 games played in the last day. Two new teams have entered the Fractured Space Ladder bringing the total to 9, and we have a new leader. On the developer live stream a frustrated Millenia could do little to get […]

FSL Season 1 : Day 9 update

Day nine standings in the Fractured Space Ladder. After a few quiet days on the ladder the silence has been broken by the triumphant return of Team Ozone. Having lost their first two encounters, O3 faced a challenge from Healers OP and played an unconventional 4 v 4 game to decide the result. A jubilant […]

FSL Season 1 : Day 6 update

Day six standings in the Fractured Space Ladder and we’re half way through the first season of the ladder. Still everything to play for, although the result from the weekend sets up a potential team to beat. Edge Case Games Alpha, having pulled off a strong win against Team Ozone in their first game were […]

FSL Season 1 : Day 3 update

Day three standings in the Fractured Space Ladder and two more games have been completed, arguably both with unexpected results. Edge Case Games Bravo team jump into third place following a win over Heals OP while Neutron Cowgirls move into first place having beaten KSIII. As the weekend approaches there could be a flurry of […]

FSL Season 1 : Day 2 update

Day two of the Fractured Space Ladder has been completed with a minor update to the day 1 standings. The second recorded game between NC3 and RKV3 was not declared as an official challenge so has been removed from the record. In the second day of games two more matches have been played thanks to […]

FSL Season 1 : Day 1 update

The first season of the Fractured Space Ladder is now underway with the first matches having taken place between RKV3 and NC3. The Relativistic Kill Vehicle took the first game in the encounter with the Neutron Cowgirls settling the score in a follow-up game. As the first two competitors in the first season of the […]