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Super Space Bowl XLXX Final Results

Yesterday (13th Feb) saw the conclusion of the Super Space Bowl XLXX. It was a tremendous endeavor by both sides, slogging it out to score their touchdowns to achieve victory and secure their 3 crew pods. If you missed the event, teams were split into two, USA versus the Rest of the World (RoW). Touchdowns […]

Jingles Returns

In the very early days of Fractured Space Early Access – May 2015 – a new captain strode onto the bridge: The Mighty Jingles. Available only to those who played over that weekend, this Legendary crew member has been unavailable to other players. Until now. If you play between 14 February 2017 and 21 February […]

Super Space Bowl XLXX

The time has come to decide who are the Galactic Fractured Space Champions in Super Space Bowl XLXX. The Super Space Bowl Commissioner has split captains into two teams representing the USA and the Rest of the World, and these titanic organisations are set to clash in a showdown that will decide (at least for […]

Implant Bonanza

If you want to earn a few extra implants for your crew, your drop pods will feature better drop rates from 11am UTC on February 3rd to 11am UTC February 6th. Daily drop pods and bronze pods will have a 25% chance to contain a random Implant, while Silver and Gold pods each have a […]

Kill Count Weekend

It’s time to band together and rack up some takedowns. We’re tracking the total number of takedowns in the game from 6pm UTC Thu Jan 26 to 6pm UTC Mon Jan 30. There will be two targets to hit: 250,000 takedowns will unlock the Jolly Roger skins for the Protector and the Venturer. 500,000 takedowns […]

Gold Rush Weekend

Reinforce your crew this weekend – open a Gold Daily Drop Pod and get a guaranteed crew template and 3,000 DNA to unlock that crew member. You can even open any Gold Pods you have in your inventory and get even more crew (any duplicates will burn to DNA as usual). Any Gold pod opened […]

Ultimate Skin Contest – Collect Drop Pods To Win

The Fractured Space Ultimate Skin Competition gives you the chance to design your very own exclusive ultimate skin for the ship of your choice. The winner will also be transformed into a brand new member of crew and be available for all players to collect and take into battle! If that weren’t enough, you’ll also […]

The Need For Speed

From 17:00 GMT today, 17 November, pilots will temporarily experience an increase in speed for every ship in the fleet. Base thrust for all ships will be increased by 30% with all maneuverability improved by 10%. This will make for some fast and furious battles with potentially unexpected results. This experimental trial is the first […]

Fractured Space Experimental – 17th Nov 2016

This Thursday (17th Nov 2016) from 17:00 UTC we will have the first experimental session for Fractured Space. Experimental sessions try out significant changes to the game that cover one or more of the core game mechanics. In this first test we’re adjusting the mobility of every player ship in the game. Base thrust and […]