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The Trident Challenge 2

This weekend The Trident Challenge is back! This challenge gives you three options you can choose to complete. 10 Wins earns a Captain Crew Pod (when opened you will receive a random non-Legendary Captain) 15 Mine Captures earns you 3 random Attack implants 25 Heal Support points earns you 3 random Utility implants. Only Heal […]

Hat Trick Hero

Take part in our event this weekend for the chance to earn 6 Drop pods by completing the following goals: Goal 1 – Get 3 Takedowns – Bronze Pod Goal 2 – Get 3 Captures – Bronze Pod Goal 3 – Play 3 Matches – Silver Pod Goal 4 – Get 3 Heal Assists – Silver […]

Caesar’s Garage Sale

Caesar Morgan is at it again, with sale of 20% off specific store items every day this weekend! The sales will run from 5pm UTC for 24 hours before the next one begins. Day 1: 20% off Credit Boosters (5pm UTC Thu to 5pm UTC Fri) Day 2: 20% off Crew Pods (5pm UTC Fri […]

It’s All Mine!

It’s All Mine! This weekend’s event is almost upon us and we’re focusing on Mining Stations. If you guys manage to capture 35,000 Mining Stations, you’ll earn 1 Gold Drop Pod, at 75,000 you’ll earn a second, and at 110,000 you’ll earn a third. That’s three Gold Drop Pods in total up for grabs this weekend! This […]

Gamma Time Volume 2

  Gamma Time Volume 2 is almost upon us! Contribute to 20,000 Gamma captures in PvP or Quick Play to unlock a free crew pod, or 35,000 Gamma captures for the Equalizer Black Edition Skins! This event will be running from 17:00, 17th of August 2017 (UTC) to 17:00, 21st August 2017. Good luck, Captains.

Gold Rush Weekend

Reinforce your crew this weekend – open a Gold Daily Drop Pod and get a guaranteed crew template and 3,000 DNA to unlock it. You can even open any Gold Pods you have in your inventory and get even more crew (any duplicates will burn to DNA as usual). Any Gold pod opened between 5pm […]

Earn Gold pods in the Dirty Dozen

Play 12 games over the weekend and earn yourself an extra three Gold Drop Pods. Starting at 5pm UTC on Thursday July 13 and running through to 5pm UTC on Monday July 17, we’ll be tracking the number of games you play. You’ll earn a Gold pod after finishing four games (co-op or PvP), another […]

Individual targets set – choose your weapon

Earn extra drop pods this weekend in the manufacturer Choose your Weapon event. If you get one win, you will earn yourself a Bronze Drop pod. Three wins in the same manufacturer will get you a Silver pod, and six wins (in the same manufacturer) will get you a Gold – and you can do […]

Protag the prize in KP’s Reticulating Splines

We have encountered a serious spline reticulation problem, so Killer Pigeon has reworked targets for a new three-day series of events. Running from 5pm UTC on Friday June 30th until 5pm UTC on Monday July 3, players will be working together to hit the targets in three separate events. If all three are hit, a […]

KillerPigeon’s Mystery Revenge

Community manager KillerPigeon has crafted three separate challenges for Fractured Space players this weekend – and is not revealing what they are. “I’ll let you know each day,” he said, growling from under his cowl. What we have found out is that the challenges start on Friday June 9 at 5pm UTC. The first one […]