Welcome to Fractured Space

With this new approach to multiplayer space combat, developer Edge Case Games are excited to share their latest game with the world. Available on Steam for free right now, it’s time to jump in to the intense combat of Fractured Space.

Fractured Space

Fractured Space is a unique blend of dynamic shooter play with intense strategic planning as fleets of gigantic capital ships come together for battle on a galactic scale. Teams of five huge ships will compete for control of resources as they prepare for a final assault on each other’s home bases to secure a hard-fought victory.

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Development Philosophy

Edge Case Games are taking the unusual step of embracing totally open development on Fractured Space, bringing the players into the ongoing production of the game. With regular Q&As, live streams, and community tournaments, there’s always something going on in the world of Fractured Space and Edge Case Games.

Edge Case Games

The developers behind Fractured Space are bringing a unique approach to the world of Space Combat games. Bringing together industry veterans and bright new talent, the studio is putting all their skill and passion into the development of the game.

Two fleets of huge capital ships will clash in a battle for supremacy amongst the stars. With two teams of five trading fire across multiple sectors of space, there can be only one winner.

Features of Fractured Space

  • Huge-scale space combat, fought over several sectors as massive capital ships vie for control
  • A unique approach to development as Edge Case speak direct with the players
  • A thrilling blend of explosive shooter combat, and tense strategic planning
  • Jump in now to take part in these colossal battles – find us on steam, Fractured Space is FREE to play