Monthly Archives: February 2018

The Punisher – February Patch Notes

  The Zarek Punisher The Punisher is a Medium Attack ship with a variety of anti-cloak and defensive tools. This vessel is capable of putting up a good fight against the likes of the Ghost and Basilisk, but remember, it’s not an instant win. If a cloaker gets the drop on you first, you’ll need […]

Last Stand – Coming March 2018

Greetings Captains, Last night on Twitch, we revealed the new mode that will be coming to Fractured Space in our end of March update, Last Stand, and the in-game backstory of how it came to exist in the world of Fractured Space. Last Stand is a PvE mode where you and two other Captains will […]

Prepare for Punishment – New Ship Reveal

Greetings Captains, Today we bring word of a new Ship that will be joining the¬†current roster of Ships, the Zarek Punisher. The Zarek Punisher is a medium attack ship with a variety of anti-cloak and defensive tools. These tools allow it to survive and deter cloakers from ambushing the Punisher, whilst reducing their ability to […]

Lunar New Year: Year of the Dog – 15th Feb – 19th Feb

Greetings Captains, Starting Thursday 15th Feb 1800 UTC, work together as a team to Takedown 120,000 enemy ships and earn yourselves the limited Five Star Red skins for the TDS Leviathan and the TDS Protector. As a community, if you gather 60,000 Takedowns before Monday 19th Feb 1800 UTC you will earn yourselves the TDS […]

What’s Coming Up in February?

Greetings Captains, With the “January” Patch released, it’s time to start looking at what we have planned for February! We chatted about this in our weekly Twitch Stream yesterday, so if you prefer to watch videos, take a look here. New Ship We’re pleased to announce that Ren from our QA department is now focusing […]

Client Hotfix – 8th Feb 2018

Fixed All-Stars Badge appearing incorrectly with unformatted html codes Fixed a couple of layout issues with badges Corrected spacing error on medal layout. Fixed an issue where first time the user presses TAB to open the scoreboard/map, the scoreboard isn’t shown Parented numbers to the buttons on ship animation load screens to fix layout issues […]

“January” Hotfix 1 – 3rd Feb 2018

Fixed an issue caused by reclassification of Founder Status from “inventory items” to “Badges” at run-time which resulted in the Founder Status being ignored for post-match credit bonuses. You should now receive the correct post-match credit bonuses associated with your Founder Status, even if that Badge is not equipped during the match. Removed new acceleration […]

Combating Toxicity: Chat Bans

Greetings Captains, In this article, we will be discussing one of the newest additions that came with the “January” Patch but wasn’t intentionally disclosed; Chat Bans. Part of the Community Teams job is to provide information about the game, listen to the playing community and ensure¬†your feedback is passed onto the Development Team, and provide […]

“January” Patch – 1st Feb 2018

Greetings Captains, The “January” Patch is here…in February. We are preparing the servers now for the patch rollout and hope to be up as soon as possible, in the meantime, let’s take a look at the changes. New Weekly Leaderboards v1 Within your Profile, for this patch, we have included a new feature, Leaderboards. Applicable […]