Monthly Archives: October 2017

Zarek Weekend

It’s a great weekend for Zarek Industrial. We’ll be tracking all takedowns (in QuickPlay and PvP) between 5pm UTC Thursday October 5th and 5pm UTC Monday October 9th in all Zarek ships. If you manage to hit a combined 60,000 takedowns, everyone who contributed will earn a new Drop Pod. Hit 120,000, and everyone who […]

Phase 4 – 3rd October 2017

New Ship: Zarek Furion The Furion is a medium attack craft featuring a flexible front-firing primary weapon system to combat a variety of threats supported by a highly damaging 360-degree close-range deterrent in the form of a plasma thrower. While it excels at frontal attacks, its maneuverability is limited. The Plasma Thrower is a 360-degree […]