Monthly Archives: March 2017

Three ways to get rewards every day

A change to the way Drop Pods are awarded means Bronze, Silver and Gold Drop Pods will now be awarded for one, three and six games respectively (formerly two, four and six games). These will be awarded for games played in a set 24 hour period, as before. You are also awarded double basic credits […]

Gold Rush Implants Weekend

If you are looking for crew implants, then you might want to open up your Gold and Silver drop pods this weekend. From 6pm UTC on Thu 30th March to 6pm UTC on Mon 3 April, any Gold Drop Pod opened will give you two random implants. Any Silver Drop Pod opened will give you […]

Double Credits and XP weekend

It’s Fractured Space’s first Double Earnings Weekend – double credits and double XP – which will rank your crew up quicker – are planned for any match played from 10am UTC Friday 17th to 10am UTC Monday 20th. All basic level of credits earned in every match will be doubled – so a credit booster […]

Fractured Space Phase 3 Update Notes

The Phase 3 update for Fractured Space, subtitled “Action Stations” overhauls some of the core aspects of the game enhancing the amount of combat you will experience. The additional of small scale mining ships adds to the strategic variety in a single match, while decreased respawn times and the ability to immediately jump to the […]