Monthly Archives: September 2016

What is Frontline?

Welcome to the Frontline. You’ve spent your time battling waves of your enemies within Conquest. Taking the war to the different sectors in an effort to push them back. Within Frontline, you cannot run, you cannot hide. At the games start each team will begin on either side of the map in front of their […]

Fractured Space Launches

Today, Fractured Space has completed it’s run through Early Access and has officially launched. To celebrate this momentous occasion, here’s a quick message from everyone on the Edge Case Games team. I never loved a game as much as I love Fractured Space. Working on it has been a blast. It has come so far […]

Phase One Update Notes

Key Features With Phase One we have added a two new ways to begin your journey in Fractured Space. Additional Training Modes have been added that will pit you against our new AI Captains. Solo versus AI Captains In this mode you have a fleet of four AI Captains backing you up while you take […]

PAX West 2016

Preparing for PAX or any convention for that matter, is not a task for the fainthearted. Our marketing team absolutely pulled it out of the bag, especially with such a short time frame to work with. When you do an event like this, you’ve got to think about absolutely everything; matching up product delivery times, […]

The Long War Progress Report

The Long War is a new way for Fractured Space players to compete for in-game rewards while focusing their play on specific objectives. Taking place over several weeks at a time, five factions will compete for dominance in a mineral-rich area of space. This page will be updated daily to reflect the ongoing war and […]


Fractured Space Champions are players the community have recognised as upholding very high levels of sportsmanship, fair play and good humour. Every two weeks we will review the highest reviewed players, according to the end of game voting, and providing they meet all the criteria we’d expect of an ambassador for the game award these […]