Monthly Archives: August 2016

Revised MMR Calculation

Every veteran captain in Fractured Space is likely to tell you their matchmaking rating (MMR) because for many it is a measure of a player’s performance in the game. The previous MMR system took into account your performance in game and changed quickly at first to hopefully assist players in getting a balanced game – […]

Fractured Space Fan Kit 2016

As Fractured Space has grown we’ve been lucky enough to pick up a passionate, dedicated player base. We’ve seen a great increase in the number of people making YouTube videos and streaming the game, as well as the odd fan project here and there. So with this in mind we’ve created a new fan kit […]

The Long War Season 1 – Overview

The Long War sees five groups of captains battling for dominance over a sector of space rich in resources, offering great prestige to the group who triumphs in a battle lasting several weeks. Zones within this sector are targeted for acquisition on a daily basis, and captains will need to gain wins in Fractured Space […]

World Games 2016 Current Standings

It’s been almost a week since the beginning of the Fractured Space World Games and things are┬áreally hotting up in battle, with over 9,000 matches played using the World Games skins over the weekend.┬áThe participation in the Fractured Space World Games has been phenomenal, with an almost equal number of matches being played with each […]

Alpha 18 Update Notes

New Features TDS Executioner Difficulty: Hard Length: 806m Crew: 4,856 Base Hull Strength: 9,000 Initial Max Speed: 550 The Executioner is a flexible craft that revolves around its high-yield Gauss Cannon and mobility solutions despite is native slow engine speed and attack frequency. The craft fits the close-quarter hit-and-run archetype with its versatile and extendable […]

Changes in Store Pricing

As part of the Alpha 18 update we are making a few changes to the store to aid players in understanding what they’re deciding to buy. The first change is in terms of Platinum. For those players who choose to use Platinum we are removing the 25,000 ($99.99) pack temporarily, adding a new $9.99 (2,200 […]